Cracks In Pool Tile

12 Ways To Update Your Swimming Pool

As with everything in your home, keeping it fresh and updated takes a lot of work. Often homeowners don’t maintain things until an emergency arises or they’re ready to sell the home. Working steadily at project will keep you from suddenly realizing that everything needs a facelift. Keeping your home updated pays off in several ways – it helps maintain, and perhaps increases, the value of your home, and you get to enjoy a more inviting atmosphere.

Homeowners sometimes fail to keep the exterior in good shape as well. Trimming bushes, removing dead and dying landscaping and keeping the home painted all add up to a lot of work made more difficult if you don’t do a little each year.

Wed’ like to remind you to keep your backyard up-to-date as well. If you have an in-ground pool that hasn’t been updated in many years, you may benefit from a pool makeover which can deliver a variety of benefits, including:

  • A more aesthetically appealing pool that may encourage more use
  • Reduced water and energy consumption
  • Easier maintenance
  • Fewer future repairs

If you’re considering a pool makeover this summer, here are a few suggestions to think about.

  • Surround your pool perimeter with new ceramic tile.
  • Replace loose, cracked and crumbling coping with options like flagstone, concrete, bull-nose brick, and safety-grip brick.
  • Add a new custom deck in brick, stamped concrete, decorative pavers, or custom stone masonry.
  • Create a new focal point by adding a fountain, rock waterfall, lights, water bubblers, or cascading water feature.
  • Replace a cracked, mottled interior with a slip and stain-resistant quartz or pebble finish with long-lasting color.
  • Maximize the fun with a slide, diving board, diving rock, or adjustable exercise swim jet.
  • Create dimension by adding a spa or elevating the one that you have.
  • Convert to an ultra-efficient heating system to warm your pool & spa faster and cheaper.
  • Add a solar or automatic pool cover to reduce heat loss and water evaporation while improving safety.
  • Adjust the depth of your deep end to make it shallower and more usable.
  • Slash energy use with a new variable-speed pump.
  • Illuminate your backyard and swimming pool with long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lighting that changes colors.

Our team of design experts can help turn your back yard and swimming pool from ho-hum to a perfectly suited outdoor oasis.

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