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Ledge Loungers

Eleven Pool Construction Ideas To Consider

From impressive fiber optic lighting to stunning waterfalls, the features that are available to you when purchasing an in-ground swimming pool or enhancing your current one is stunning and vast. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we can design a one-of-a-kind pool for you and feature one or more top swimming pool trends.

Most of us are aware of such options as steps, ladders and even heating systems, but what about those pool features that may be less recognizable but equally important and enjoyable, and will easily personalize your own back yard oasis. Continue Reading

Pool Coping

Swimming Pool Tiles and Coping Tie The Look Together

Swimming pool tiles and the coping that is added to your pool are two items that can truly pull the look of your swimming pool together and amp up the aesthetics of the entire outdoor living space. When we tile around the pool, we choose National Pool, Tile & Coping because of the level of quality their tiles and coping materials bring to a finished pool project. After the installation, you’ll quickly see how swimming pool tiles and coping tie the look together, and make your backyard oasis even more inviting. Continue Reading

Recreational Water Illness

Recreational Water Illness

Do you recall the summer of 1975? Maybe not, however, I bet you do remember that Jaws had beachgoers heeding the advice of the movie’s tagline, “Don’t go in the water”. Those five words kept millions of Americans out of the water. Now, in 2018, some experts fear that a rapid increase of recreational water illness (RWI) may in fact, do the same thing. Unfortunately, many kids and adults alike don’t get enough regular exercise. Anything that could hinder exercising, including swimming, may do more harm than good. Continue Reading

Pool Cover

Swimming Pool Equipment To Consider

While investing in an in-ground swimming pool there are many pieces of equipment you will want to discuss with your Ohio swimming pool contractor. Some equipment is optional, and simply enhance the fun you’ll have in your swimming pool, others are crucial to the optimal function of the swimming pool itself. Keeping your swimming pool safe and clear of bacteria is a responsibility and your pool contractor can help you make the right choices. Continue Reading

Pool Near Home

Should You Build Your Pool By Your House?

Is your large backyard beckoning and urging you to take the plunge and have a swimming pool installed? Is it also urging you to put the pool away from the house – you know, in a secluded area of the yard? If that’s the case, talk with your pool contractor to uncover what might be considered the “ideal placement” for your swimming pool.

You may not have considered it, but the best place for your swimming pool might be right next to your house. Continue Reading

Pool Filter

A Comparison Of In-Ground Swimming Pool Filters

It’s still a bit chilly in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, making it a bit impossible to take a jump into your swimming pool. The time isn’t that far away, though. One of the items you should be thinking about for your pool is the filter you use. The choice is largely up to you, the pool owner. Here’s a comparison of in-ground swimming pool filters offered at Hawaiian Pool Builders.

Maintaining a clean pool is one of the most important parts of pool ownership. In order to do so, it’s essential to have a filter for your pool. No one wants to swim in a dirty pool with dirt and debris everywhere. Swimming pool filters are a great way to rid your pool of all that unwanted material floating around. Continue Reading

Amazing Pool

Design an Amazing Swimming Pool

There are very few who would disagree that one of our favorite childhood memories was “hitting the pool.” For most of us, that meant going to a community swimming pool unless you were lucky enough to have your own. There is something about gathering friends and family in the water that is refreshing, relaxing and memory making. The ambiance of being in the water is alluring.

If you have been thinking about adding a pool to your backyard … or if you already have one, there are fun options available today that can turn your “swimmin’ hole” into a resort-like feel. Now who doesn’t love that? Continue Reading

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