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Pool Filter Cleaning

Cleaning Your Swimming Pool Filter

Your swimming pool filter traps oils and dirt which turns into a gummy, gooey mess that goes by the term ‘gunk’, or, if you have a sand-filter, ‘mud-balls’. As a general rule of thumb, your filter should be cleaned at least once a month during the swimming season. Continue Reading

Swimming Pool Enclosure

Pool Enclosures For Safety

Your swimming pool builder, Hawaiian Pools, understands that safety is something that is part and parcel of being a swimming pool owner. In most municipalities across the country there are also specific measures in place for the types of safety items that should be included in a residential swimming pool project and one of those items is a safety fence.

When you think of “safety fence” it may bring to mind a chain link fence that was typically used decades ago. Today’s enclosures are as much a swimming pool fashion statement as they are safety device. Continue Reading

Poolside Fence

5 Tips To Make Your Swimming Pool Safe

Swimming pool safety is something that should never be taken lightly, even if you and your children have taken swimming lessons and are comfortable in the water.

Swimming pool safety awareness has grown exponentially since the early 1990’s. In fact, many states have passed legislation requiring swimming pool owners and swimming pool builders to incorporate specific safety measures. These measures range from having gates surrounding the swimming pool, to having drain covers installed to the diligent use of swimming pool covers. Continue Reading

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Pool Chemical Test

8 Steps To Maintaining A Pool

Owning a pool requires regular upkeep, yet maintaining it should not be a difficult endeavor. The most important aspect of pool maintenance is consistency. The better kept your pool is, the longer it will last and the safer it will be for your family. Continue Reading

Chemical Balance

Five Must-Haves For Your Swimming Pool

When you work with an Ohio swimming pool builder to create the swimming pool of your dreams, there are a multitude of details and decisions to be made and it doesn’t simply stop with size, style and design of your swimming pool. There are so many other design features to consider and any one of our team members will be able to guide you to determine the accessories that are best for you; some are required by law and others simply make your swimming pool more fun and safer. Continue Reading

Electrical Safety

5 Swimming Pool Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

Swimming pools are fun and enjoyable but everyone who owns one knows that safety must be top of mind at all times. The responsibility of looking out for safety for all who spend time in and around the swimming pool is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Continue Reading

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Water Leak

Signs Your Pool Has Sprung A Leak

In an ideal world, a swimming pool owner would be able to spot a leaking swimming pool in the blink of an eye because it would be gushing water. In the real world, though a swimming pool leak can be an insidious event that occurs over time, but if not caught and addressed quickly by a Michigan swimming pool contractor can damage the structural integrity of the swimming pool. Continue Reading

Shade Umbrella

Amp Up The Fun With Swimming Pool Accessories

Your swimming pool is the focal point of your backyard décor. It is the place where you gather with your friends and family and relax or frolic in the pool together. Chances are you made a conscious decision to either have your swimming pool complement the rest of your outdoor landscaping as well as the home. However, some pool owners want their pool to be a separate entity in the backyard and that design option makes it feel as though you have entered another backyard completely. Continue Reading

Pool Pump

How Long Should Pool Pump Be Run

One of the primary reasons your pump runs is for the purpose of filtering all of the water in your swimming pool at least one time a day. This is what is called the “water turnover rate.” Continue Reading

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