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Swimming Pool Exercises

General Water Exercises

We all generally know the joys of owning your own swimming pool but there are other health advantages that provide benefit as well. Whether you are an athlete who pulled a muscle, a senior needing improved cardio health after a heart attack or recovering from surgery, water is a great healer. Water is very helpful in accelerating the healing process and reducing risks of additional injury. Continue Reading

Saltwater Swimming Pool

Saltwater Pools Vs Chlorinated Pools

When you’re talking with us, one of the items you will discuss is whether you will want to have a salt water pool, or one cleaned the “traditional” way with chlorine. It will be one of the many decisions you will be asked to make during the pool research and planning process.

Here are some of the reasons that some individuals opt for salt water pools vs chlorinated pools. The reasons are as varied as the individual preferences: Continue Reading

Pool With Hot Tub

5 Hot Tub Buying Tips

When you’re looking to add luxury and a relaxing oasis to your backyard there is nothing better than working with your swimming pool builder and having a hot tub or spa installed. If you have ever spent time in a hot tub, you know it can be one of the most luxurious items you can own. You can opt to have a hot tub or spa built into your existing swimming pool or you can talk to your pool builder about constructing a stand-alone structure on your deck or in a secluded corner of your yard. Continue Reading

Dog Safety

Safe Swimming Tips For The Family Dog

We are often asked whether dogs should be allowed in the pool.  The answer is, “It depends.” There are many factors that should go into the decision on whether your dog should be allowed to swim. Some of those include:

  • Does your dog like the water?
  • Is there someone around to help your dog in case he runs into any trouble?
  • Is your dog long haired and if so, are you prepared for the possibility of needing your pool and filters cleaned more often?
  • Do you have a way for your dog to easily get in and out of the water?
  • Is there anyone who knows how to perform CPR on your pet in case he runs into trouble?

Continue Reading

outdoor shower

Shower Before You Swim

It’s likely that you’ve seen signs at community pools, health clubs and hotels that ask you to shower before you swim in the pool. Chances are, most people don’t do it – it seems counter-intuitive. After all, you’re jumping into the water. But have you ever wondered why they suggest it?

There are a few reasons why taking a shower before entering a pool is recommended: Continue Reading

Hot Tub Placement

5 Items To Discuss With Your Hot Tub Professional

Having access to your very own hot tub is a luxury beyond compare, especially in the midst of a long, cold Ohio winter. The idea of slipping into the soothing warm depths at the end of a long day at work can be a stress relieving thought in and of itself. Hot tubs, with their warm water and pulsating jets, warm up your chilled body and help the tension of the day drift away. Whether your hot tub is on the porch, deck or nestled somewhere in your backyard, it can be used year-round. Soaking in a hot tub when the snow is falling is a unique experience. Continue Reading

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