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Pool Algae

Eradicating Algae From Your In-Ground Swimming Pool

Do you have extended travel plans this spring and summer? When you leave, one of your options for your in-ground swimming pool is to leave it covered while you are gone. However, when you return, the last thing you want to see is that your pool has turned into a green swamp. Getting rid of algae is a chore that even the most experienced pool owners have to face sometimes. With proper preparation, some purposeful attention for a couple of days, and a few minutes a day of follow up, you can eradicate the algae and turn your pool back into the welcoming sparkling oasis that was there before you left.

Your in-ground pool won’t turn into an unrecognizable green swamp overnight; however, we, at Hawaiian Pool Builders want you to have to tools and tips available should you experience this type of situation. Continue Reading

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