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Prevent Slips and Falls Around the Pool

4 Ways To Prevent Slips And Falls Around The Swimming Pool

“Don’t run!” is something that many parents shout to their children whether they are running in the house, in the grocery store or around the swimming pool. Children, being children, however, don’t always listen.

When you’re spending time with your children around the family swimming pool you will want to institute a “no running” policy around the pool and the deck. It is much too easy for an excitable child to slip and fall on the wet deck surfaces. You certainly want your kids to run, skip and play, just not around the pool. Continue Reading

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Defiance Swimming Pools

Your dream pool is a result of your imagination and Hawaiian Pools design team’s creativity!  These homeowners wanted their swimming pool in Defiance to stand out and create a relaxing beach-like feel. This pool starts with a custom beach entry. With a custom interior aggregate finish and natural quartz stone coping this pool is quite inviting. Continue Reading

Perfect Swimming Pool Setting

Your Pool’s Aesthetic Backdrop

Building a swimming pool in your backyard involves more than just the construction itself. It’s also important to look at your entire landscape to see how your dream pool fits into the existing landscape. In some cases, you may need to change your existing landscape to suit the pool design you desire. Continue Reading

Fire Feature

4 Fire and Water Features For Your Backyard Retreat

Daydreaming about the perfect backyard is fun, but there are many decisions to make to create a backyard retreat that works for you. That’s where we come in. Our pool designers have years of experience designing spaces that compliment both your home and your lifestyle creating a personal retreat right at home.  

Here are four fire and water-side features for your backyard retreat: Continue Reading

Water Cascade

Advantages Of A Custom Inground Spa

Whether you’re in the beginning phases of a new swimming pool construction project or if you’re working with your swimming pool contractor to remodel your existing pool, adding a custom in-ground spa might be an option to discuss with him. In-ground spas offer a unique look from both inside and outside of the pool and also provide a versatility the pool didn’t have before. Continue Reading

Benefits of Swimming Exercise

3 Benefits Of Swimming Pool Exercise

If you decided to make New Year’s resolutions and if one of them was “getting in shape” the good news is that a swimming pool is the ideal location to keep you on the right track. Michigan Swimming pool contractor, Hawaiian Pool Builders, understands that for many people a swimming pool is a place to host parties and frolic with the children. We also understand that getting in shape in a swimming pool doesn’t even feel like work so it’s easy and fast to jump in, swim a few laps or do water aerobics or even play some water volleyball with the kids and get in shape at the same time. Continue Reading

Fun Pool Party

Kick Off The Season With A Pool Party

Having a swimming pool means you have instant access to a party hot-spot. Summer may seem a distant dream, but it will be here before you know it.  Why not kick off the season with a pool party? Once we’ve opened the pool and balanced the water chemicals, you’re ready to invite friends and family. Continue Reading

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