Posts made in November 2018

Winter Swimming Lessons

Winter Swimming Lessons

Now that the colder temperatures have arrived in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, swimming lessons are probably far from your mind.  However, here at Hawaiian Pool Builders, we have some inside tips and tricks when it comes to winter swimming lessons.

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Winter Pool Cover

6 Enemies Of Your Winter Pool Cover

It’s that time of the year. A couple of months ago, you took steps to get your pool ‘winter-ready’, and now snow is here!

The purpose of a winter pool cover is to protect your in-ground swimming pool from sun, debris and in the case of solid covers, from contaminants washed into the pool from rain and snowfall. Unfortunately, they can also fall prey to all sorts of maladies from the common to the odd. Here are six enemies of your winter pool cover, and ways to keep them from happening. Continue Reading

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