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Pool Coping

A Primer On Swimming Pool Coping

Do you know what the swimming pool coping is or what it does for your pool? If you don’t, you should talk with your Ohio swimming pool builder for a primer on swimming pool coping. You will learn that coping is the edging that surrounds a swimming pool.

Coping performs double duty in that it can really pull the look of the pool walls and deck together because without it, your pool will look unfinished; coping adds polish and style to your pool. Continue Reading

Pool Liner

Pool Liners Explained

The liner for your swimming pool is important beyond adding beauty and style to your swimming pool; a liner is an essential part of the entire swimming pool system as it separates the structure of the pool and the pool walls from the water it’s meant to hold. Swimming pool liners can be constructed of flexible vinyl, traditional tile and cement utilizing sealants and tiles.

A vinyl liner is easy to install for a professional swimming pool contractor and is a less expensive alternative to concrete and tile pool liner construction. If your liner has rips or tears it can be patched for a time but eventually may need to be replaced. Continue Reading

Pool Shapes

This Is The Summer For Your New Pool

Last summer, did you wish you hadn’t put off that pool project you had been considering? Well now is the time to start planning so that you don’t have to wait another year. In order to be ready for the swim season in Ohio and Michigan start examining these things now:

Gather ideas. If you’ve been thinking about a pool for some time now, it’s possible you have a wish list and pictures of pool designs and ideas but if you haven’t done so yet, here are a few things you can do:

  • Review our portfolio. Here you’ll see some of our work and can share with us what you like or want in your pool project.
  • Search the web. There are many places you can look, Pinterest and Houzz, for example, where you can get ideas.

Consider how you plan to use your pool to help you decide on the type of pool you need. Do you plan to host parties, use it mostly for your own family, do you want to play games, add a spa feature, want a beach entry, etc.? These are all important pieces of the gathering phase.

Consider different shapes, sizes, and colors. You no longer need to have a rectangle pool that is blue. You can fashion a pool into many different shapes, sizes, and add color to suit your tastes. Our designers can render an image using our state of the art pool studio of the finished pool that will surprise you.

Evaluate your back yard for size and placement. Our pool designer will meet with you at your home to help you understand all the options available to you regardless of whether your yard is large or small.

Determine your budget. Once you know a little about what you like and want in a pool, it’s important to establish the budget. There are several components you may want to evaluate as part of your budget:

  • Pool installation costs
  • Add-on’s such as a spa or hot tub, bubblers, sun decks, alarms, etc.
  • Decking
  • Landscaping
  • Privacy Fencing

The planning stage can feel overwhelming, but remember that once it’s completed you’ve built for you and your family all of these and more:

  • A place to throw parties
  • Your own personal outdoor resort
  • A place to unwind and relax
  • Increases your home’s value
  • Gathering place for your children and their friends
  • A great way to stay cool
  • Long lasting fun

If all of this seems a bit overwhelming, rest assured our designers are available to help walk you through the process! Call for an appointment; together we can “Imagine the Possibilities”!

Diving Board Accessory

Ideas For Swimming Pool Construction

If you’re planning to join the realm of swimming pool owners – as tens of thousands of homeowners across the United States have – you will want to spend time determining the ideal pool design for your family and unique lifestyle.

Because a swimming pool carries up-front costs and brings with it ongoing monthly maintenance and upkeep, you will want to take all of the pricing of owning a pool into consideration. Once you have a budget in your mind it’s time to meet with a pool contractor and begin the process of having your dream pool constructed. Continue Reading


7 Winter Pool Care Tips

When you decided to become a swimming pool owner did you know that it would require year-round care and maintenance? Yes, even in the winter your swimming pool requires care. Living in an area of the country that sees snow and ice means you need to take the additional step of protecting your swimming pool from the winter elements because ice and snow can cause damage.

In order to prevent damage, there are steps you can take, and we’d like to offer just a few: Continue Reading

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