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How Do I Get Rid Of Pool Algae?

Swimming pool contractors and service professionals understand that the best way to address algae in a swimming pool is to take preventive steps to ensure that it doesn’t get a chance to take hold. If you’ve seen a swimming pool that has been taken over by algae, and in some cases, it seems as though it happens overnight, you know it is a dark green, smelly substance that you want to avoid. Algae creeps up the sides of the pool and down to the floors and infiltrates your equipment and your pool steps. It is difficult, and sometimes costly; to remove and can put your pool out of commission for a week or more. Continue Reading

Pool Chemistry

Tips For A Cleaner Pool

Keeping the water moving in your pool is important as it helps keep your pool clean. The filter system helps clean the water and good water flow is vital in order for the filter system to operate properly.

Proper circulation in your pool helps to stir up the water in every area of your pool to keep dirt and debris from settling in hard to reach areas such as under steps or ladders or areas that are farthest away from the jets. Here are some tips on how to get better circulation and save you a little time cleaning your swimming pool. Continue Reading


6 Simple Steps For Backwashing Your Swimming Pool

As the owner of an in-ground swimming pool, you know that there are many different tasks required to keep your pool clean and functional. From maintaining proper water chemistry levels, vacuuming, and simply skimming off the debris, swimming pools require constant upkeep. One way to keep your pools’ filter system in proper working order is through the use of backwashing, or reversing the flow of water through the filter to remove any built-up contaminants.

As dirt accumulates in the swimming pool filter bed, the resistance to water flow increases which causes a reduction in water to the pool. When the flow is insufficient for proper water circulation, or when the pressure gauge indicates a pressure rise of 8-10 lbs. above the clean pressure, it is probably time to clean your pool filter. Continue Reading

Outdoor Living Space

Beat The Heat In Your Outdoor Living Space

Your family swimming pool is an ideal way to beat the heat this summer. What happens, though when you want to be near the pool, but might not want to swim? There’s a variety of ways to have fun and stay cool poolside this summer, as well as ways to improve the functionality of your outdoor living space.

A small pond of water garden might be the perfect backyard addition to help keep you cool when you aren’t in the mood for a swim. Adding a poolside garden creates a sense of relaxation and tranquility. The water adds a cooling element as well as transform the poolside space with its relaxing sight and sound. Continue Reading

Solar Pool Heating

5 Questions About Solar Pool Heating Systems

The popularity of solar pool heating is increasing in Northwest Ohio. The fact is, solar pool heating is an environmentally-friendly alternative to other heating systems. Solar pool heating systems can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants. What’s more, these systems are low-maintenance and easy to use, with a proven long-life span.  As your Ohio swimming pool builder, Hawaiian Pool Builders has answers to five questions about solar heating pool systems.

Solar swimming pool kits harness the energy of the sun to help regulate the temperature of the swimming pool water. In many cases, solar panels are placed on the roof of your home to draw in the heat from the sunlight. From the panels to the swimming pool, tubing is connected which transfers the heat from the solar panels to the swimming pool, circulating the water. Continue Reading

Pool Deck

Enhancing The Swimming Pool Deck Area

The largest decision you’ve made so far in making your backyard more beautiful was to install a swimming pool. Now that that process is complete you can add more ambiance and elegance by choosing the right patio material.

Many people opt to use a broom-finished concrete material around fiberglass swimming pools; the reason for this is that this finish is low maintenance, durable and cost effective to install. In some cases, though, swimming pool owners prefer a patio décor that is distinctive. This can be done through the use of concrete pavers or stamped concrete. Continue Reading


Four Tips To Avoid Getting A Sunburn

Finally! Summer is here, the days are getting hotter, and you’ve probably already enjoyed several weeks in your in-ground swimming pool. While splashing away in the cool water is loads of fun, getting a sunburn is not. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we have four tips to avoid getting a sunburn.

It’s natural to want to get out in the sun during these warm, summer days, that’s one reason you have a pool. It should also be as natural to want to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun when you are outside. Continue Reading

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Green Frog in a Pool

Tips To Keep Bugs From Your Swimming Pool

An ant infestation, bees or even birds can spoil a good time in the family swimming pool. There are ways to have beautiful flowers and foliage without the pests that can sometimes ruin a good party.

We have some tips to help you enjoy your beautiful landscaping poolside without throwing open the welcome mat for bugs and pests. Continue Reading


Use Sunscreen Appropriately

Being in the sun and getting a dose of Vitamin D is beneficial for us, though it’s important to limit out time in the sun and use sunscreen. Not only should you apply, and reapply sunscreen when outside for extended periods, you should also apply it correctly in order to avoid a bad sunburn. It’s important to use sunscreen appropriately.

Here are a few ways that people incorrectly use, or misuse sunscreen: Continue Reading

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