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3 Health Benefits of a Swim Spa or Hot Tub

Health and fitness are two concepts that many families are trying to incorporate into their daily lives. Swim spas offer a way to complete a rigorous exercise routine in a low impact, no-impact way. Swim spas can also be equipped with hot tub features included the heated water and therapeutic jets.

A swim spa is a great option for health-conscious individuals with its compact economical design for budget conscious families or those with limited yard space.

We’d like to offer three health benefits of a swim spa or hot tub:

  • Arthritis relief. The buoyancy offered while in a hot tub or spa relieves stress and strain from muscles and the heat can ease aches in the muscles and joints of arthritis sufferers. A spa can also allow individuals to exercise in an environment that is easy on the joints.
  • Muscle strengthening. A swim spa lets you strengthen your muscles and the resistance provided by the water adds to the calories burned and muscles strengthened. The powerful vents and jets in the spas offer resistance but allows you to exercise in a low impact way. Swim spa exercise also aids in weight loss.
  • Relief from stress and pain. The location and type of hydrotherapy jets offer soothing relief to aching body parts. Exercising in a swim spa can also alleviate back pain because when you’re in the heated water your blood vessels dilate, and this facilitates blood flow and increased circulation. The stress relief provided from simply lying back and relaxing in a hot tub is immeasurable and many individuals heighten the experience by playing soothing music and lighted candles.

Doctors have found that soaking in a hot tub also leads to better sleep and can help insomniacs address sleep issues simply through the relaxation offered by a soak in a hot tub or swim spa. Diabetics also experience healing benefits through increased circulation following a soak in a hot tub. Work with your swimming pool builder to make certain you get the best hot tub for your needs.

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