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4 Questions To Ask Your Pool Contractor

The construction of a swimming pool means you will have to spend a lot of time researching not only the type of pool you and your family want, but more importantly the pool contractor with whom you want to work.

When you meet with the pool contractors at Hawaiian Pool Builders, we want you to come in prepared with your questions and allow yourself ample time to get the answers you need in order to make the best choices for your family.

An informed swimming pool buyer is one who understands the nuances of a pool construction project, the different materials from which to choose for the project and one who has done a little research on building a pool.

Here are four questions to ask your pool contractor:

How long have you been in business? What is your experience in building pools? Knowing how long a pool contractor has been in business is one thing, but knowing how experienced they are is something you need to know. Experience will encompass whether they understand the pool building material you’re seeking, the features you want and any unique aspects to your project or your existing landscaping.

Who owns the business and is he or she in charge of my project? What is the level of experience of the pool construction company’s owner? Does he have any special training or expertise? You will also want to know whether the contractor in charge of your project is experienced.

Do you have current and past customers with whom I can speak? A reputable pool contractor will offer you a list of references from past and current clients. You should take the time to call those references and ask how happy they were with the project, was the project completed according to the deadline and would they work with this pool contractor again.

When can you start my swimming pool project? How long will it take to complete? Barring any unforeseen weather complications, your pool contractor should be able to offer you a clear guideline regarding the length of time it should take to complete your pool project. Be aware thought that unforeseen issues can arise that could add to the length of the project. Being realistic about these situations makes for a much easier build.

Do your research before you meet with us and bring with you any questions you may have. Chances are you will have done a Google search of our pool building company and we welcome that as we want you to feel comfortable with us. These are a few of the questions you should ask but we welcome any and every question you might have. We’ll take the time to answer each of them so you are armed with the knowledge you need to choose Hawaiian Pool Builders as your swimming pool contractor.

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