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5 Avoidable Mistakes When Opening Your Pool

At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we know everyone wants to have their pool opened for all the summer fun on the way; however, your pool might not be ready to swim in even though it is open.

At Hawaiian Pools, we can set up your appointment for opening your pool; however, if you would like to do it yourself, here are five avoidable mistakes that can be easily avoided when opening your pool, and will make your swimming season more enjoyable.

Being mindful of these five steps will make your summer more enjoyable. You can easily get it all done on a sunny afternoon in Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan.

Not clearing debris:
Clearing up branches that have fallen, raking up the remaining leaves from your property line and other areas will help spruce up your outdoor living space, and get you ready for the upcoming pool season.

Not cleaning your pool deck first:
The first pool-opening mistake you can make actually doesn’t have anything to do with your pool water; it starts on the outside with your pool deck. Clear the deck of the 6 months of debris that collected around your pool so that it not only doesn’t end up in your pool, but it also won’t dirty-up the pool cover you are about to clean.

Not cleaning your pool cover:
With the anticipation of opening the pool, often times the cleaning the cover is overlooked. Before you realize what has happened, you’ve filled your pool with the leaves and debris from the winter. Since you just cleaned your deck, continuing with the hose and broom will only add a few minutes to your day, and you can clean your cover as your fold it back.

Opening your pool is more than just removing the cover:
Generally most pools must be drained some as the winter snow and spring rains fill them up past the mid-point of the skimmer. Once your water level is at the right position for your pump to operate, is when you should check out some simple items that most people miss.

  • Check the o-rings on each plug and the lid of the skimmer.
  • Check the heater box to make sure it is clean and free of any nests.
  • Verify each valve operates correctly and hasn’t cracked.

Each of these items are easy to check, and can save you from issues when you prime your pump.

Not running the filter as long as you should:
You might not want to hear it, but it’s normal to leave your pool filter system running 24/7 until the water has cleared. It may cost a few more energy dollars, but it won’t blow-up. You will save money on chemicals and time clearing the pool by letting the system run continuously for a few days. It shouldn’t take much more than that, for most filter systems.

Avoiding these four common mistakes when opening your swimming pool will allow you to have an easier time and experience when opening a pool, and subsequently your summer, and isn’t that what having an inground swimming pool is all about?


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