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5 Hot Tub Buying Tips

When you’re looking to add luxury and a relaxing oasis to your backyard there is nothing better than working with your swimming pool builder and having a hot tub or spa installed. If you have ever spent time in a hot tub, you know it can be one of the most luxurious items you can own. You can opt to have a hot tub or spa built into your existing swimming pool or you can talk to your pool builder about constructing a stand-alone structure on your deck or in a secluded corner of your yard.

Prior to talking to your trusted swimming pool builder about installing a hot tub in your back yard, you want to be armed with information to make your planning time more fruitful. Because buying a hot tub or spa is a major investment you need to consider your options and consult an expert before making a final decision.

Here are five hot tub buying tips:

  1. Budget: Hot tubs and spas vary by size and construction design. Make certain you know what you are prepared to spend before you talk to your swimming pool builder.
  2. Size: Multiply 75 gallons by the number of friends you expect to share the hot tub with; this will help you decide the size of the tub before you talk to your hot tub pro.
  3. Location: Work with the experts to determine best location for your hot tub. Placing it on your deck or in a secluded area of your patio or yard may determine size. Weight of the tub is another important consideration and your builder can assist you in making the right decision.
  4. Construction Material: Hot tubs are available in different styles and materials. Your swimming pool and hot tub builder can help you determine the material that best suits your needs.
  5. When purchasing your hot tub, you may be surprised at the pool accessories available: heated towel racks, retractable televisions, remote control access, refrigerators, and more. If these luxuries are going to be part of your budget, talk to your swimming pool builder to turn your hot tub into a total outdoor relaxation oasis.

Your swimming pool builder is an excellent choice for information on the size, style and type of hot tub for your backyard, but take your time to educate yourself prior to adding a hot tub to your pool design.

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