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5 Items To Discuss With Your Hot Tub Professional

Having access to your very own hot tub is a luxury beyond compare, especially in the midst of a long, cold Ohio winter. The idea of slipping into the soothing warm depths at the end of a long day at work can be a stress relieving thought in and of itself. Hot tubs, with their warm water and pulsating jets, warm up your chilled body and help the tension of the day drift away. Whether your hot tub is on the porch, deck or nestled somewhere in your backyard, it can be used year-round. Soaking in a hot tub when the snow is falling is a unique experience.

Here are some tips from the Ohio pool professionals at Hawaiian Pool Builders to help make your hot tub or spa buying decision easier to make:

Hot tub placement: One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is where you will place the hot tub once you’ve purchased it. Do you have room on your porch or deck? Is there an area of your yard where you can place the hot tub in a secluded grotto, perhaps? Depending on the type and size of hot tub you get, is your yard accessible enough for the swimming pool builder to deliver it? You are going to have to make a few decisions in the beginning before you run to the nearest dealer and make your purchase. If you’re going to use the hot tub in the winter and it’s not on your deck, will you be able to easily get to it to soak in a snowstorm?

What size hot tub do you want? How many people will be using the hot tub? If there are only going to be one or two, you can purchase a small hot tub, if you have a large family or plan to invite friends and family to soak with you, you’re going to want to purchase a larger one. Work with your swimming pool builder when trying to decide what size hot tub to get.

What style and how many jets do you want? To truly get the hot tub of your dreams you will want to take a soak in a few hot tubs to figure out the types of hot tub jets feel best on your body. You will also want to know where you want them placed. Are you looking for therapeutic benefits from your hot tub sessions? Then you may want jets placed in areas where they will target your back, legs or other body areas you want to reap therapeutic benefits from.

How much will it cost? Up-front costs and ongoing maintenance need to be worked into your budgeting. Plan on spending between $3,500 and $8,500 for the hot tub itself. Consider what accessories you might want to have installed with your hot tub – a towel warming rack, built in television, hot tub cover (this is a necessity, not a mere accessory).

Ask about warranty information. Talk to the swimming pool builder about the warranties that come with the hot tub as there might be warranties on the shell itself, the electronics, the plumbing and other components.

With time and research, you can purchase a hot tub that will suit your family’s needs and lifestyle and will be something that you will enjoy for decades.

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