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5 Swimming Pool Basic Care Tips

The type of swimming pool you own will help determine some of the particulars and specifics as it relates to swimming pool care basics, but we’d like to explain five swimming pool basic care tips.

The reason behind pool care basics is to keep the pool water free of bacteria and sparking clean. Here are some basics and the roles of the equipment installed in your swimming pool:

Your pool pump is possibly the most important piece of equipment. It keeps the water moving throughout the pool, sends it into the filter so debris can be removed and then pushes the water back out into the swimming pool. Make certain that it is running as recommended for effective pool water distribution Ask us how long you should run the pump on a daily basis because it varies for every pool owner.

The filters in your pool, and you can choose from a sand filter, cartridge filter or a diatomaceous earth (DE) style, trap the dirt and debris as it gets moved through it. We can provide specifics on the various types of pool filters so you can make an informed choice on what one is best for your pool.

Maintaining a chemical balance in your pool is essential. Testing the chemical levels with a pool water test kit should be done at minimum, once per week but more often if there is heavy use. A water test kit is simple to use, just ask us how to read the numbers so you can tell whether your pool water is in proper ranges. The test kit will measure water hardness, calcium & chlorine levels, and more.

Shock treatment:
There will likely come a time when your pool will need to be “shocked” aka super-chlorinated. This happens when the chemical levels and balances are so out of line that regular treatment likely won’t bring it back. A shock will address cloudy water and the potential for algae build up.

If Algae takes hold in your pool it will turn the water green and slimy and will also require a shocking to get it back in line. The pool contractors from Hawaiian Pool Builders will recommend using an algaecide on a regular basis to prevent algae from taking hold.

Another swimming pool maintenance basic is the need to grab the skimmer between pool service visits and remove any floating debris from the water; it’s always best to remove it before it falls to the bottom of the swimming pool. Ensure your skimmer and pump baskets are cleaned regularly. Leaves, debris, even pool toys can clog systems and hinder the ability for the water to circulate properly.

The next time we pay a service visit ask us for a brief lesson other pool maintenance items and for steps you can take to keep the pool in tip top shape between service calls.

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