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5 Swimming Pool Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

Swimming pools are fun and enjoyable but everyone who owns one knows that safety must be top of mind at all times. The responsibility of looking out for safety for all who spend time in and around the swimming pool is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Here’s five swimming pool safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Overall water quality: Harmful bacteria can take hold in water that is poorly maintained. The water quality needs to be checked and balanced to prevent individuals from catching water-born bacterial infections.
  • Pool Slides and Diving Boards: A slide and diving board can add fun and enjoyment to a swimming pool, but they must be used with care. Also, make certain your swimming pool contractor checks the slide and diving board to make certain they are properly secured and that the tread on the diving board is still in good working order.
  • The electrical systems: Because your swimming pool uses electricity to keep the pumps and filters and heaters running, it’s crucial that your swimming pool service professional check the electrical systems and the grounding of those systems on each pool maintenance visit.
  • Deck Safety: A slippery deck can lead to trips and falls. There is likely no way to keep your pool deck dry when the family is splashing and having a great time in the water, but you want to make certain that the deck doesn’t become a host for algae or mold as this will make it even more slippery. Talk with your pool contractor to discuss safety measure and remember to enforce a “do not run” on the deck rule.
  • Chemicals: The proper storage of pool chemicals needs to be front of mind. Because swimming pool chemicals are a toxic mix of alkaline and acids, they need to be stored away from curious children and pets. One of the many benefits of having a swimming pool service to keep the water clean and clear is that you don’t have to store your own chemicals.

Swimming pools, when used with care and safety in mind, can be fun for the whole family. Make sure, too that the swimming pool toys you provide your children are suitable for pool use and that you don’t rely on pool noodles or arm floats for swimming pool safety. Work with your swimming pool contractor on the details.

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