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Add Electrical Outlets To Your Outdoor Living Space

Adding additional electrical outlets to your outdoor living space may help you enjoy the space around the pool even more than you do now. If your home has a swimming pool with a patio, deck or its own outdoor living space, but you don’t have enough electrical outlets to accommodate the items you may want to use, you could be limiting the amount of time you spend in the pool area.

An additional outlet or two might help you get even more use out of the outdoor living space. They caution that you work with a qualified electrician and that any work that is done adheres to safety codes.

Here are some ways in which additional outlets can enhance your pool space:

  1. You could plug in a weather-resistant heater or cool mist system. These devices can keep you cool on the hottest days and can help prolong the amount of time you can spend out of doors on the cooler days of autumn.
  2. Additional lighting can enhance the aesthetics of the area and could be much safer than burning candles. Solar powered lights are ideal, but they may not provide light as bright as you may want, especially if you’re involved in playing board games poolside after the sun has gone down.
  3. If you use electrical power tools or even use an electric powered lawnmower or other gardening tools, additional outlets will make it much easier to power trimmers, leaf blowers and saws.
  4. If you’re prone to throwing a lot of pool parties, you may want to add to the atmosphere by adding music. If that’s the case, additional outlets will let you set up a stereo system or other entertainment system poolside.
  5. Do you have, or have you always wanted an outdoor kitchen? Outlets will make it easier to cook and entertain without having to go indoors. If you install outdoor electrical outlets you can add to the appliances in your existing outdoor kitchen.

Before you hire an electrician to add more outlets to your outdoor living space, consider what you will use it for and how you want it configured.

If you’re just beginning to consider a pool project and want to enhance your outdoor space, we can discuss these options with you during the planning and design process.

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