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Adding A Spa Feature to Your Pool Project

When we meet with families looking to add a swimming pool to their backyard, the topic of adding a spa feature often comes up. It’s a natural combination and one that many pool owners are interested in.

One of the first considerations is how you intend to use a spa or hot tub. Do you hope to use it all four seasons or is your hot tub meant for use in conjunction with your pool during an extended swim season?

This is a very important first step in planning as it will determine whether to build a spa as part of your pool or to add a portable hot tub elsewhere in your yard as part of your project. If you opt for an attached spa, you also need to consider the size of the heater and whether you want to add a remote-control system. The size of the heater will determine how long it takes to heat the water and the remote control relates to ease of use.

It’s valuable to note that are commercially sold, portable hot tubs offer some features like unique seating, jet arrays, etc. that can’t be replicated in an attached spa so the experience you may have had at a neighbor’s house may not be the same but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are some advantages to building a spa feature attached to your swimming pool.

Because of the unique seating, your options for multiple people to enjoy the hot tub together are limited to the number of seats and locations within the portable tub. This is not the case if you build a hot tub attached to your pool.

You can create a water oasis where everyone can be together by attaching the hot tub. Those who are swimming can easily move to the hot tub and vice versa, without leaving the fun.

Your design choices aren’t limited when you build you own spa! Using tile and a finish that matches or compliments your pool, the entire backyard has a look and feel that is unique to your family.

It’s easier to maintain the pool and spa together and maintain the chemical balance needed to keep you and your family safe.

If you’re thinking about a new pool or renovating the one you have, contact our design team to discuss the options available!

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