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Advantages Of A Custom Inground Spa

Whether you’re in the beginning phases of a new swimming pool construction project or if you’re working with your swimming pool contractor to remodel your existing pool, adding a custom in-ground spa might be an option to discuss with him. In-ground spas offer a unique look from both inside and outside of the pool and also provide a versatility the pool didn’t have before.

In-ground spas not only add to the enjoyment of the pool, but can also provide benefits for your family’s health. How? Through the simple relaxation that a spa provides. The heated water helps you escape from the rigors of the day and can also help relax muscles and improve circulation. Also, a soak before bedtime may just help you fall asleep faster and sleep better. Consider using your spa for an in-water workout. The heated water, the benches and spa setting offer an ideal way to stretch and get in some aerobic exercise in a relaxing setting.

The aesthetics of your overall swimming pool shape and the look of your backyard will benefit from the installation of this unique water feature. What can you do to enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your newly installed spa? Here are a few options to consider:

  • Consider the design and building materials of the spa and perhaps you can opt for using mosaic tiles by having your pool contractor design a unique look for the spa – your favorite sports team logo, a mermaid or a sun or rainbow design.
  • The overall shape of the spa will be a consideration in the planning phases, and you can opt for a circle, an oval, semi-circle or even a horseshoe design. Contemporary designs could include a triangle, a hexagon or an octagon. If you want to be truly daring, consider a custom design such as a free-form one, a cloverleaf or even a kidney design. Ask your contractor for design ideas on setting the spa above the level of the pool itself.
  • Discuss the option of specific water features such as a water cascade, fountain feature or even a spillway to move the water from one area to another. Using round, funnel-type designs allow for a concentrated passage for the water to move through and pour into the spa.
  • Don’t forget to consider lighting the spa. You can have lighting that either complements or contrasts with your existing pool lighting as a way to either make them a cohesive unit or two distinctly separate water filled structures.
  • If the spa will be at a level higher than the pool itself you will want to take some time to consider what building material you will use for the exterior of the spa – again there are myriad options: rocks, boulders, ornamental tiles, wood or even glass blocks.

Spend time with a member of our team, and look through magazines or online to gather inspiration for your custom in-ground spa project.

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