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Amp Up The Fun With Swimming Pool Accessories

Your swimming pool is the focal point of your backyard décor. It is the place where you gather with your friends and family and relax or frolic in the pool together. Chances are you made a conscious decision to either have your swimming pool complement the rest of your outdoor landscaping as well as the home. However, some pool owners want their pool to be a separate entity in the backyard and that design option makes it feel as though you have entered another backyard completely.

Regardless of which end of the spectrum you have gone with your landscaping and decorating or if you are somewhere in the middle, there are some accessories that will help you enjoy your backyard and swimming pool space even more.

Consider adding some, or all, of these accessories to your poolscape.

Talk with us the next time we pay a service visit to see what you need to do to make any of these upgrades happen:

Shading: What is the shading like in the pool space? Do you have shade from trees? From an awning? Table umbrellas? Or do you have no shade around the pool and want to remedy that this summer? There are many ways to increase the amount of shade so you can relax poolside without having to be always in the sun. Remember, though if you’re planting trees you will want to assure the roots will not eventually damage the pool structure and that it won’t be dropping too many leaves into the pool.

Furniture: Add new pool furniture or add new cushions to breathe new life into your existing pool furniture.

Lighting: Pool lighting should be a consideration, both inside the pool itself and the area surrounding the pool. Ask us about installing LED lights beneath the surface of the pool water to bolster the safety of the pool for nighttime swimming. You can also add LED lighting around the outdoor living space, to the trees or a gazebo or even in the form of LED walkway lighting.

Decks: Do you love your pool deck? If you don’t have a deck, consider getting one constructed this summer. If you have a deck, but want something different, add texture through the use of pavers or stamped concrete. Add color or quartz sprayed-on texture to the deck. If it’s wooden and in need of an upgrade, do that this summer.

Think small: Look to small accessories for your swimming pool. You can have a fountain or rock waterfall added. Consider adding a game atmosphere with a volleyball net. Add pool rafts, offer the children some pool noodles. You can even undertake a larger project by adding in sun shelves.

The budget: Take a look at your budget. Go online to get ideas or visit our showroom and let’s see what magic you can make happen with your swimming pool this summer.

When putting in a pool you should think about how to make your pool unique and fun. What better way than to check out some cool swimming pool accessories that will add so much to your pool. Enjoy your pool more with the whole family with a diving board, slide, or hundreds of other options.

At Hawaiian Pool Builders we offer some great quality options to make your pool truly unique to you. From slides to waterfalls we have the accessory that suites you and your family. Add beauty and versatility to your investment with Hawaiian Pool Builders’ amazing selection of pool and spa accessories.

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