Autumn Pool Cleanup

Autumn Backyard And Pool Clean-up

It’s a fact that many people consider Labor Day to be the unofficial end of summer and it is a reminder of the inevitable move toward the cooler, snowy months of winter.

While we hate to bid adieu to summer, we have a checklist of items to get your entire home, backyard and swimming pool ready for that autumn and winter weather.

  • Wash off and get ready to store your swimming pool and patio furniture. Take the air out of the rafts and pool toys after they’ve been cleaned and have had time to dry off. Folding up and storing wet furniture or toys can lead to mold growth. Once everything is clean and dry, find a location to store it for the winter to keep it safe from the elements.
  • If your pool deck needs attention, now is the time to get it ready for the next season, remove any flaking paint, sand down any rough edges then add a new coat of paint or stain.
  • Your swimming pool contractor from Hawaiian Pools will work with you to get you on a schedule for the official swimming pool closing for the season. You may not be ready to do that just yet, but it makes sense to get on our calendar.
  • Give your home a once over to make certain the windows are caulked, and weather proofed. Wash the windows while you’re at it.
  • Drain and store your garden hoses and turn off the exterior faucets.
  • Check and clean your home’s gutters and make certain the downspouts aren’t pointing toward the swimming pool or your foundation.
  • We all consider spring cleaning and undertake that task, but why not do some autumn cleaning! Clean your closets. Clean your kitchen cupboards and cabinets. Clean out the refrigerator – get rid of old, out of date foods and give the refrigerator a deep clean. Change out the thin, summer curtains and hang thicker, “winter” curtains to help keep the house warm and the cool air out.
  • Have the carpets cleaned, wash the walls and clean all of the furniture.
  • Have your furnace cleaned and inspected before it turns on the first time of the season.

Winter is a fact of life and while you might not embrace it, prepare for it and look forward to the cozy months ahead because you know that soon, it will be summer again and you can start to enjoy the outdoors and your swimming pool again.


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