Autumn Pool Landscaping

Autumn Pool Landscaping Project

Being a swimming pool owner, or, if you are considering becoming one, now’s a great time to think about an Autumn pool landscaping project.

Landscaping adds to the beauty and ambiance of your outdoor living area and simply makes the pool itself a more inviting area in which to spend time and entertain. What can you do, as part of your swimming pool construction project, to enhance your outdoor living space?

When you’re talking with one of our professionals, make certain the talks involve the entire project from pool design all the way to deck and outdoor living area amenities. What can you do to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living area? Consider adding plants, a plant or rock garden, waterfall or fountain accessories, an outdoor kitchen, a beach entry, and many others.

While budget will certainly play a part in the type of landscaping project you undertake, there are some limitations that your pool contractor will share with you when it comes to the overall landscaping plan and they are:

  • Don’t include trees that will eventually grow too large or drop too many leaves into the pool as this could lead to maintenance issues and a large root bed can damage the pool structure.
  • Plants can add interest and ambiance but may also bring with them dropped leaves and even bees. You will want to choose plants wisely – those that are low maintenance and will not attract insects or birds. Landscaping rocks also add interest and a unique flair to the entire space.
  • Fencing is a must for all swimming pool owners, but you can consider your fence as part of your landscaping décor rather than just a utilitarian item.
  • The area surrounding the pool – your deck, gazebo or a patio – should be part of the overall pool construction project. Consider your patio and other outdoor living area as a place where you can add an outdoor kitchen set up or even a pool house so you can move your summer living to the out of doors.
  • Regardless of the landscaping you ultimately choose, you will want to add lighting to the area, so the party doesn’t have to stop once the sun goes down. Your pool contractor can install LED lighting to walkways, the pool itself and around your entire outdoor living area.

If you want a truly unique swimming pool design, you can add a fountain, a rock waterfall, or even include a grotto under which you can rest and relax and enjoy the sound of the water spilling over the waterfall.

Have a budget in mind for your construction project and then talk with your swimming pool contractor about how to incorporate your design and landscaping ideas into the budget for your project.


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