Building A Swimming Pool

Building A Swimming Pool In Michigan

Ask anyone who owns a swimming pool and they will tell you that the swimming pool not only enhances the fun you have with your family and friends, but can increase the monetary value of your home.

A swimming pool also provides a built-in place for staying in shape without having to join a gym. When it comes time to have a swimming pool installed though, how do you make a decision on the type of swimming pool you’re looking for? You know that a pool – no matter its style – will amp up the aesthetics of your backyard, and here are some tips from the pool contractors at Hawaiian Pool Builders to help you make a decision on your upcoming swimming pool project.

There are two basic swimming pool types available; above ground and in ground. Above ground pools don’t typically enhance the value of your home, but they are usually portable and can be taken with you if you move. They bring with them a lower price tag as well. In ground swimming pools are permanent landscape fixtures and usually add to the value of your home and increase its resale value. In ground swimming pools can also be installed indoors if you have the space available.

If you opt for an in-ground swimming pool you have more options to consider, especially the type of material used. You can choose from concrete/gunite or fiberglass styles. Gunite pools are the most customizable of all swimming pool types. The design options are endless, and they can last for decades.

Fiberglass swimming pools are preformed structures that install quickly. They don’t offer the same flexibility of design that concrete pools do but they do have a long life and are lower in cost.

Landscaping and fencing for your swimming pool is also a consideration for the construction project. Your Michigan swimming pool builder understands the rules and regulations in your municipality. Generally, communities require that swimming pools have some type of fencing and other safety measures to keep children and pets safe from drowning.

Landscaping for your swimming pool can run the gamut from deck and walkways to landscaping with trees and other plants, gazebos and more. Talk with your Michigan swimming pool contractor before planting any trees or shrubs to make certain they won’t damage the swimming pool structure and that the leaves won’t be constantly falling into the water and clogging the filters.

Don’t forget to talk with your pool builder about adding lighting in and around the swimming pool. Lighting can be installed in the swimming pool itself or it can surround the pool to enhance the ambiance of the outdoor living area.

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