Building A Swimming Pool With Pizazz

If you’re considering a pool project this year, we have some quick and fairly simple ways to give your outdoor space a little extra flair. Here are things you should consider as part of your overall project:

Water Features

Hawaiian Pools incorporates wonderful water features in the design of swimming pools. Whether you’re looking for a cascading waterfall, bubblers and deck jets, fountains or wok pots, we can create a design that will enhance the look and use of your swimming pool.

Specialty Lighting 

We have a lot of fun with lighting. You can get creative and add LED lighting to illuminate the pool, spa, water features, any other decorative outdoor elements as well as your seating area in an environmentally friendly, cost effective manner. This lighting allows you to either choose a fixed color or control the color and intensity with a remote-control operating system and can enhance your evening swim and pool parties.

Create a Sparkly Pool 

If you’ve seen a swimming pool that uses glass tiles as the material for its pool walls, floor or even the deck area, you know how much this enhances the beauty. Hawaiian Pools can work with glass tiles to incorporate a mosaic design, your family crest, or virtually any other design that is near and dear to your heart. Another great upgrade is colored quartz aggregate for the surface of your pool. This is an upgrade that can be applied to your swimming pool. Because quartz is one of the world’s hardest minerals it won’t be easily damaged by exposure to sun and the pool chemicals. There are also many types of deck material available from colorful pavers or stone to composite deck materials (pavers) to stamped concrete. This can help you really create an outdoor space uniquely your own.

Add an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit 

When creating a backyard living space, many homeowners opt for additional features such as an outdoor kitchen and a fire feature. Fire pits add ambiance and warmth to any outdoor living space and can create a wonderful place to relax and enjoy for three seasons.

Create Shade 

As much as you might love the sun and being in the pool, it’s important to have some shady areas. You can create shade by adding an umbrella, planting pool-friendly shade trees around the pool area, installing an awning off the back of the house, building a shade structure such as a pergola or you might even gain some shade from the privacy fence around your backyard pool area.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your pool project and all of the added features you can consider. For more ideas, visit our gallery or our pool guide.

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