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Choosing The Right Cover For Your Pool

When your swimming pool isn’t in use it’s important to cover it. A pool cover has a couple different purposes. One is safety and the other is to keep your pool clean. You should weigh your personal preferences and options when choosing the right pool cover for you.

One pool cover option is a vinyl cover. If your main concern is keeping your pool clean this would be a good choice. Vinyl covers work great for those that live in the Midwest region of the US. A vinyl cover will protect your pool from the harsh elements of winter and from the falling leaves in the fall. Because these covers are made of vinyl, they won’t allow water to pass though so when it rains you will need to pump the water off of the pool cover before opening the pool.

Another option is the safety mesh cover. If safety is your number one concern, then a mesh cover would be a good choice for you. This mesh cover allows water to pass through to the pool and is virtually maintenance free. These covers are very light weight and extremely strong with a bursting strength of 350lbs per square inch.

If you like qualities of both the vinyl and the mesh covers, there’s another unique option in the vinyl with mesh draining panel cover. This cover gives you all the benefits if the vinyl covers but incorporates a mesh panel to allow water to pass though so you won’t have to pump off as much water if it rains. Because these covers are primarily vinyl you will still need to pump off some water after a rain.

Another great option for safety and ease of use is the automatic cover. Automatic covers take the work out of keeping your pool clean and keeping your family safe. A button-controlled system allows you to open and close your pool cover with great ease and when opened the cover hides itself beneath ground level, so it won’t get in the way. You are also able to lock these covers with a key so that if you aren’t going to be around you can be assured that kids won’t be able to open the pool without supervision.

Tie-down pool covers are also available, usually made of nylon mesh material or solid vinyl. These types of covers are often used when closing the pool for winter. These covers also serve as a safety cover to help protect small children and pets. While the primary purpose of a swimming pool safety cover is for safety, you can purchase them in many colors that suit your style.

Solar pool covers, or thermal pool blankets, are made of a synthetic polyethylene material that have air pockets or “bubbles” that absorb the sun’s heat. A solar pool cover can transfer the heat to the water, increasing the water temperature as much as 10 degrees, which can save money on heating costs.

Hawaiian Pool Builders has all of these options available. Contact us to discuss your options and come up to the right decision regarding your pool.

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