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Don’t Make Mistakes Planning Your Pool Project

In other articles, we’ve discussed different ways and places to get ideas, how to incorporate them into your backyard with what you want, and how to best approach different thoughts and ideas.

What wasn’t discussed was how to not make two of the biggest mistakes when it comes to planning your pool project. These are equally as important as your overall design.

Make Sure Your Pool Is Designed for Its Intended Purpose
To better understand what type of pool you desire, it’s important to consider what is the intended purpose? This is extremely important and should be one of the first things you discuss with your pool builder before they begin construction. Is it going to be used for recreation and activities? If so, you should consider having safety features built into the pool’s structure, whether it’s a gate or fence that prohibits access without supervision. Is it going to used for therapeutic purposes only? If you are building a pool for physical therapy, you may desire a shallow area for swimming, along with pull up bars for exercise. With so many uses for a pool, make sure you have a clear idea of what role you want your pool to fulfill. Other design features to keep in mind are drainage (important if your area is known to have flooding), add-ons (diving boards, slides, etc.), and sheds to protect equipment.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Container for Your Pool
In most cases, people like to build in-ground pools.  When designing one of these, you must create a container, which contains the water, as well as gives an aesthetic pleasure to your pool.  There are two types of materials used to design this container: concrete and fiberglass. Each one of these materials will require maintenance, but each one requires servicing specific to them.

  • Concrete Pools:This is the most common type of in-ground pools. While they are extremely flexible in terms of design, they are also the most expensive out of the three.  Concrete pools require annual drainage for cleaning purposes.  When the pool is drained, you must fix any cracks in the concrete container, as well as acid wash and re-plaster the siding.
  • Fiberglass Pools:These types of pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, although there aren’t as many options as you would have if you went with a concrete pool.  The most appealing aspect of fiberglass pools is that they require much less maintenance out of the three, since they will not rip, tear, or crack.

These are two crucial aspects in pool design that are important for you to take into consideration to make sure you are aware of what you are getting. Just like any other major expense, make sure you know exactly what you desire.  That way, you can be prepared for any troubles that may appear down the road.

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