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Eight Unique Pool Designs

Gone are the days of the typical style pool. No longer do you have to settle for a kidney shaped, square, or rectangle-shaped pool, although pools in these shapes can be very attractive. Today, pool designs are only limited by your imagination, space and budget. With all the ways to create and design, you’ll wish year-round outside swimming was a thing here in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

At Hawaiian Pool Builders we use state of the art technology that gives you the opportunity to really see it before you buy it. We use Pool Studio that offers you a full, 3D look at your pool. With Pool Studio’s one of a kind, interactive 3D presentation, you will be fully immersed in your future backyard. You will be able to see every detail in real time 3D to clearly and accurately experience the layout of your new backyard.

Let’s take a look at eight unique pool designs that are in backyards around the country:

Cocktails anyone?
When you travel to a topical destination, typically you can swim right up to a bar for your drinks. Why not bring that idea right to your own backyard? Your poolside bar doesn’t have to take up much room, and can be incorporated even with the most compact inground pool designs for small yards.

Lane pools
With a lane pool there’s no need to head to the gym or the community center to swim laps. Even if your pool is mainly intended for pleasure, using it for exercise is definitely a convenience you shouldn’t ignore. At the same time, backyard pool designs with a lap lane don’t have to look like utility pools, either. You can have a decorative design that still incorporates a lap lane for your use.

Small and cozy
Modern pool designs for small yards are no longer in short supply. You can now incorporate all the elements you like into a tiny space, not giving up on beauty or functionality while still accommodating the need for fitting in a tight area. Whether your yard is shaped oddly or just doesn’t have the space for a full-sized Olympic pool, you can still find joy in a private swim. Incorporating an infinity edge design will make your cozy pool look larger, as they conceal where the pool ends.

Underwater glow
No matter what shape you choose for your backyard oasis, adding underwater lighting adds a fluorescent glow. Not only does it add atmosphere and intrigue to your pool, it also helps make small yards look larger, and pools deeper.

What’s your style?
The truth is, your pool can be designed to any shape you like. Are you a guitarist? We can create a guitar shape for you. Are you particularly fond of a certain island hideaway? Let’s create your pool in that shape.

Tropical villa

Who says you have to stay at home to enjoy your backyard pool? Create an oasis that reflects a tropical villa in your own yard, allowing you to lounge in the Bahamas while enjoying the pool in private, at your own home. Tiki torches can double to reduce the bother of insects, and the umbrella offers shade during the hottest and brightest hours of a summer day.

We aren’t talking about carpeting from decades ago. We mean your pool. Why not design an infinity pool that goes from the inside of your home right on to the outside? Hotels do it, why not you?

Designed around your home
Did you know you could design your pool to wrap around your house? Similar to a wrap-around porch, but with water. Stepping stones can be incorporated for you to move from one spot to another.

As you can see, the designs and ideas are limitless. Call our office or stop by to set up a time to put your dreams and imagination to work.

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