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Eight Upgrades For Pool

Breathing new life into your potentially outdated swimming pool and its equipment may actually save you time and money in the long run. Updating pool equipment to more energy efficient models will definitely help you reap money in your overall pool operating costs.

What are some other benefits of a pool upgrade? Here are a few:

  • It will help enhance the enjoyment you have around the pool.
  • A modern look will enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space.
  • Updated pool equipment will enhance efficiency and overall operating costs. Updated equipment may also save on labor-intensive repairs.

What are some of the options you may consider for your pool equipment and deck renovation? Here are eight upgrades for your aging pool equipment and deck:

  1. Add a pool house for equipment and supplies.
  2. Upgrade and update the ceramic tile that surrounds the pool.
  3. Upgrade and/or replace worn pool coping.
  4. Add a pool accessory such as a rock waterfall, a fountain, pool lighting, a diving board or slide.
  5. Change from a pure chlorine-cleaning system to a salt water pool cleaning system. This could be done for either environmental or health reasons.
  6. Add a pool heater to extend the swimming season. If you add or are using a pool heater, make certain you also use a pool cover to keep the heated water trapped; using a solar cover will also enhance the efforts of your pool heater.
  7. Automate the pool and its operation by having your pool contractor add remote control options that will allow you to turn the heater on or off remotely, turn on the lights, remove or replace the pool cover or turn on the jets in your hot tub.
  8. Enclose the pool area with a screened house or a gazebo that will not only provide cover from the hot sun of the day but can prevent bugs, rodents or debris from falling into the pool.

There are many items you can consider when pondering a pool update and many of them may hinge on your budget for the project so have that in place before you contact your pool contractor about the project.


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