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Enhancing The Swimming Pool Deck Area

The largest decision you’ve made so far in making your backyard more beautiful was to install a swimming pool. Now that that process is complete you can add more ambiance and elegance by choosing the right patio material.

Many people opt to use a broom-finished concrete material around fiberglass swimming pools; the reason for this is that this finish is low maintenance, durable and cost effective to install. In some cases, though, swimming pool owners prefer a patio décor that is distinctive. This can be done through the use of concrete pavers or stamped concrete.

There are advantages to either stamped or concrete pavers to surround your swimming pool. Here is a brief primer from the swimming pool builders in Ohio on how to beautify your swimming pool deck area.

The advantages to concrete pavers are:

  • Cracking is not a concern. Even if the pavers settle over time, they can be easily re-set
  • If needed, it is easy to remove and replace sections of the pavers
  • The ability to expand your patio at some point in the future is also a viable option. If you keep a supply of the pavers on hand it is rather easy to achieve a seamless match if you want to expand the deck/patio area.

Disadvantages to using concrete pavers are:

  • The patterns and color choices may be limited in scope. Paving stones are manufactured in a factory then shipped to a home improvement store and the colors and designs are limited by the inventory.
  • The pavers will need to be re-sanded every few years. Because the sand that helps hold the pavers in place, weather elements will wash away the sand over time and it will need to be replaced to keep the pavers in place and help reduce weed growth between them.
  • Because there is sand between the pavers you run the risk of getting sand into the swimming pool itself. This means you will need to spend some additional time vacuuming the pool and cleaning the filters.

The advantages to using stamped concrete to decorate your swimming pool patio area are:

  • There are myriad colors from which to choose. Stamped concrete is usually made of a base color and then an accent color is added after. The accent color releases into the stamped design and adds an antiqued finish to the concrete. The color choices are virtually endless.
  • There are many stamped patterns available they range from flagstone, slate and stone pattern designs.
  • Stamped concrete is a low maintenance option. The concrete will need to be re-sealed every few years but other than that, no routine maintenance is necessary.

The disadvantages to stamped concrete include:

  • Stamped concrete is prone to hairline cracks
  • It will need to be resealed every few years
  • Stamped concrete will have inconsistencies in color patterns; this will depend on the number of truckloads of concrete that need to be trucked in and matched.

Ask about our photo gallery of completed projects that incorporate either pavers or concrete. Weigh the pros and cons of each and make the decision that is most appropriate for you and your family.

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