Covers & Safety

Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic covers take the work out of keeping your pool clean and protecting your family. There are a number of options for an automatic pool cover, so if it’s something your interested in, just let us know and we can discuss the options!

Vinyl & Mesh Covers

Safety Mesh

If your main concern is for safety, Rayner Safety Mesh cover is the best choice. Rayner Safety Mesh allows all water to drain through, and is absolutely maintenance free. Simply put a Rayner Safety Mesh cover on your pool and forget about it until Spring. Rayner Safety Mesh is 100% polypropylene. It is lightweight and strong, with a bursting strength of 350 Lbs. per square inch.


If your main concern is keeping a pool clean, especially when you open it in the Spring, then a Rayner Solid Vinyl cover is the best choice. With the right water treatment, your pool can be virtually crystal clear. There are a few safety concerns because the cover is solid. Water collects on top of the cover and poses a drowning risk. With this type of cover standing water must be pumped off to reduce drowning risk. Rayner offers a third option to reduce the risk of drowning with standing water.

Vinyl with Mesh Drain Panel

Do you like the benefits of a vinyl cover, but don’t want to pump the water off? Here’s a third option: a vinyl cover combined with a mesh drain panel. Maintenance will be cut dramatically. Most, if not all, water will drain off your cover through the mesh drain panel. If you do still have a bit of water on the cover, you will need to pump it off.

Other Safety Options

  • Pool Alarms
  • Infrared Alarms
  • Automatic Pool Covers
  • Handholds
  • Ladders
  • Handrails
  • Safety Covers
  • Lighting Options
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  1. Pool Studio
  2. Full Service
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Pool Studio

Pool Studio

We proudly use Pool Studio, the industry leader in professional 3D swimming pool design software. With Pool Studio’s one of a kind, interactive 3D presentation, you will be fully immersed in your future backyard.

Full Service

Full Service

We specialize in custom in-ground swimming pools and we also provide full service in repairs, renovations as well and pool openings, closings and weekly or on-demand cleanings. Liner replacement, acid wash, re-plastering, tile and coping repair, too!

Award Winning

Award Winning

Hawaiian Pools is Internationally recognized by the Association of Pool & Spa Professional and has won many regional awards for the design and construction of custom in-ground swimming pools and spas.

Pool Maintenance

Quality Counts

From state-of-the-art pool equipment to materials and white goods, we always provide quality because our goal is for you to enjoy your pool in every way! Energy efficient, cost-effective solutions help you save money in the long-term along with reduced required maintenance.

Swimming Pool Diversity


Our specialty is building custom, uniquely designed in-ground swimming pools and spas. We have 26+ years experience in residential and commercial projects and implement up-to-date, state-of- the-art equipment, materials and building techniques for quality in-ground swimming pools.