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Five Must-Haves For Your Swimming Pool

When you work with an Ohio swimming pool builder to create the swimming pool of your dreams, there are a multitude of details and decisions to be made and it doesn’t simply stop with size, style and design of your swimming pool. There are so many other design features to consider and any one of our team members will be able to guide you to determine the accessories that are best for you; some are required by law and others simply make your swimming pool more fun and safer.

Here are five must-haves for your swimming pool:

A Clean Pool: To assure the cleanliness of your pool walls, floor and the water itself your pool builder will instruct you on the best size and style filters and pumps for your swimming pool. You may also want to ask about automatic swimming pool cleaning devices as part of the whole pool construction package. Swimming pool filters work to capture the dirt and debris that float around in your swimming pool water; filters will need to be cleaned and periodically replaced because contaminants deteriorate their performance.

A Little Chemistry: Swimming pool ownership means you, or your pool service provider, will be balancing and maintaining the chemical balances in your swimming pool water. There are specific chemicals that are needed to make certain your pool water is free of any virus, bacteria and algae.

Keep it Covered: A swimming pool cover should be part of the budget you have set aside for your swimming pool construction project. These covers help you keep the water cleaner, hold in some of the daytime heat, and reducing evaporation. Diligent use of a cover will keep dirt, debris and leaves from contaminating your swimming pool and cut back on the need for skimming and vacuuming.

Have a Ball – Safely: Don’t forget the floating toys, rafts and other accessories that enhance the fun you have in your swimming pool will add to the relaxation you have in your pool. Consider purchasing floating chairs with cup holders, full size rafts, toys the children can float on and play with. An accessory that shouldn’t be considered optional though are life jackets — these should be kept poolside at all times.

Get in Safely: The way you will enter and exit the swimming pool will also be a decision you will need to make during the project. You can opt for traditional ladder styles, walk in beach-access types and graduated step-downs. You may also want to consider the addition of sun shelves to make relaxing in the water even more enjoyable.

Have a budget in mind when you begin your quest for a swimming pool project with a cushion for the accessories and add-ons you’ll consider with your design team.

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