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Five Ways To Host The Perfect Cool Weather Pool Party

With cooler temperatures upon us, one might think that their pool activities are over. However, they don’t have to be.

With just a bit of planning, you can host the perfect cool weather pool party. You can make a backyard party a warm appealing day or evening for family and friends. You may not be able to get into your swimming pool, but you can still entertain around it.

1. Warm your party area with space heaters and fire features. Outdoor electric space heaters come in a wide array of sizes and styles. Perhaps you’ve dined outside in cooler temperatures, if so, you are familiar with how they look and how nicely they heat up the space.

Fires are always a hit with party goers, especially when it’s cool out. Take advantage of any decorative flame features around your pool, such as fire bowls, fire pits or chimenea with nearby seating. If you don’t have built-in fire pits, you can purchase a portable one. Having an outdoor grill or oven is another nice way to keep your guest outside. Gathering around the grill is a cozy way to keep the conversation flowing.

2. Serve warm comfort food. Certain kinds of food warm the stomach and can help keep your guests feeling relaxed and cozy. Consider some chili, BBQ, meatballs and soups. You can even have warm apple cider or other drinks in crockpots ready to go.

3. Light up your pool and deck area. A great party often continues into the evening, so don’t forget to illuminate the setting. Along with making your backyard look great, lighting creates a sense of warmth, even if it doesn’t boost the backyard temperature.

Turn on any landscape lighting. You can easily add rope lighting to your fence and gates. Tiki torches are a fun choice as they provide a fun, warm party ambiance.

4. Activities to keep the blood flowing. Planning games and outdoor activities for the weather is a great way to keep your guests moving and warm. Spin the tunes and enjoy a freeze dance contest. Twister is a fun choice for all ages. Charades and Secret Identity will keep everyone moving, and laughing.

5. Layered and warm clothing. Be sure that your guests know that the party is outside. When writing your party invitation, include a message about party attire. Let guests know their comfort is important to you, and they are welcome to dress casually. You can also encourage them to wear warm jackets, sweatshirts, and even layer their clothing as the activities and games could warm them up.

Make the most of your pool and patio area for entertaining. By incorporating these five ways to host the perfect cool weather pool party, you can extend backyard-living into the holiday season and even beyond.

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