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Four Reasons To Purchase An Inground Swimming Pool Now

If you are reading this article right now, it’s probably because you have decided to purchase an inground swimming pool. It’s a big investment, and you may be thinking, we will wait until after the holidays are over.

We get it. Right now, you are looking outside and see trees with no leaves, and those very same leaves are filling up your ‘dream’ spot for your pool. There’s a good chance you’ve noticed a few snowflakes also. Christmas is around the corner, and so are the bills. Therefore, you delay.

Here are four reasons to not delay the purchase of an in-ground swimming pool until spring.

You are likely to have to wait longer to swim. With swimming probably being the number one reason, you decided on a pool; you don’t want to wait any longer than necessary.

Less stress. You’ll be surprised how stress-free early installation can be. You aren’t worried about missing the first warm day. You can just relax and enjoy the process. That way, when the kids ask, ‘can we swim yet?’ You’ll be ready to say, ‘You sure can!’

The cost of vacations continues to rise. If saving for your summer vacation, or winter get-away to a warmer climate is enticing, consider that the cost of vacations continues to go up. If you plan on driving, factoring in the cost of fuel, wear and tear on your vehicle, food along the way, you can see how that easily adds up. Even when you think driving may be less expensive, it isn’t always the case. Resorts are continually increasing their rates. Why not take the money you are saving, and invest now in your own private oasis and enjoy a ‘staycation’ for years to come?

Your yard will have a chance to get back to normal. Any kind of construction can get messy, especially with a wet spring. Weather can delay the installation and completion of your pool. Building early will give your yard a chance to recover. You will also have time to make some landscape decisions and purchases so when you are ready for your first party, everything will be fresh and ready to go.

At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we are confident this short list will help you decide to purchase an in-ground swimming pool now.

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