Swimming Workout

Get In Shape In Your Swimming Pool

Exercising in your family swimming pool is an idea that appeals to most swimming pool owners. There are many reasons, but perhaps the biggest is convenience and not having to deal with crowds at the public gym.

A swim workout is ideal because it is a great way to get a cardiac and lung-healthy workout in without putting undue stress on your bones and joints. Before you begin any workout, we recommend you check with your doctor to make certain your heart is healthy enough to begin working out.

If you’ve been cleared by your physician, here are some exercise routines to help you get in shape in your swimming pool:

  • An aerobic workout. Regular aerobic exercise can help prevent heart disease. Running in water can be one exercise that can help. Working against the pressure of the water is a great workout and one that you can do without worrying about hurting your knees or back because of the natural buoyancy of the water. Swimming works your entire body.
  • A swim routine can offer back pain relief. The weightless environment of the water lets the back-pain sufferer enjoy a workout without pain. Swimming strengthens your core and that helps support your back and can relieve pain.
  • Rather than lifting weights you can use your swimming pool for strength training that can enhance your endurance. Use swim fins to build strength in your legs. If you’re a tennis player, use the natural resistance of the pool to build arm strength – yes, with swim fins on.
  • Even those suffering joint pain from arthritis or fibromyalgia can benefit from a water workout. Simply moving can help loosen your joints and relieve pain and pressure. Stronger muscles can take pressure off your joints as well. The water’s buoyancy, again, makes exercise easier for those suffering from arthritis and might even decrease swelling and pain.

Did you know that swimming is recognized as one of the biggest ways to burn calories?

Everyone’s’ rate is different, but on average, for every ten minutes, you burn:

  • Breast Stroke – 60 calories
  • Backstroked – 80 calories
  • Freestyle – 100 calories
  • Butterfly- 150 calories

Swimming has also been shown to improve cholesterol, specifically HDL (the healthy kind).  For every 1% increase in HDL cholesterol, the risk of dying from heart disease drops by 3.5%.

According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetics should exercise 3 days a week for a combined 150 minutes to help control of glycemia. Vigorous exercise such as swimming has shown to lower the risk of getting type 2 diabetes by 16%.

Whether you have a regimented workout routine or if you just swim with the family for fun, you’re sneaking exercise in every time you’re in the water and that’s a great thing.

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