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Glass Tiles And Color Choices For Your Swimming Pool

Chances are you have seen those swimming pools that look as though the water is shimmering off of what looks to be “beach glass” only with a more beautiful, uniform aesthetic? If you’ve seen a swimming pool that uses glass tiles as the material for its pool walls, floor or even the deck area, you can understand why swimming pool contractors work with the suppliers at Oceanside Glass.

Pool owners who want to make certain his or her pool is eco- and environmentally friendly will embrace this building material as well because it is made from recycled glass.

Hawaiian Pool Builders can work with glass tiles to incorporate a mosaic design into your swimming pool. You could incorporate your family crest, a design of your favorite sports team, or any other design that is near and dear to your family’s hearts. If you decide on a truly unique mosaic design, remember that when it comes time to sell your home, it should appeal to the new owner as well.

To use glass tiles in a way that may not affect the potential sale of your home at some point in the future you might want to simply consider mixing and matching any of the myriad beautiful colors that are available. Spend time with your pool designers in our office to “play around” with particular color motifs and designs to see which colors and which color combinations appeal to you.

Why stop at glass? You can add even more flare when you incorporate a different color for your pool.

Consider the “feeling” you want to elicit for your pool. Remember that different colors create different effects on the observer and to the overlook look and feel of your pool. You can use color to create a particular ambiance or “feeling” for you and your family.

Common pool paint colors are available from almost all manufacturers however, some uncommon ones are available from specific manufacturers so understanding your choices is an important part of the conversation you’ll want to have early in the building process.

Just because blue is the most commonly used color doesn’t mean that is the color you have to choose. It is a color known for peace and calm. Remember that there are many shades of blue, so if blue is your choice you will still need to narrow it down.

You can also consider a variety of other colors to create a different look and feel. To give your pool a unique look, consider white or black, off-white or gray. A black pool may symbolize elegance, but some may find it an unappealing color. White, while an option, is rarely used because it will reflect any heat of the sun and is also a very glaring color.

Consider sand yellow or a medium beige or even greens and blue greens. Green is a color that symbolizes nature, harmony and health and is a color that appeals to many individuals. It is also a color well-suited for individuals who want their swimming pool to appear to blend seamlessly into the landscape of the backyard and nature itself.

Whether you choose to add glass tiles or an alternative color, the decision is yours. You may decide to have your pool compliment or contrast with the color of your home, blend with the surroundings or make a statement.

If you’re just not sure, one of our designers can show you some examples of swimming pools with various colors as a way to help you narrow the pool color choices.

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