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Have Your Pool Professionally Closed

The act of winterizing your swimming pool so that it is not only ready for the winter months ahead but will survive it, is not a task to be taken lightly. The swimming pool contractors at Hawaiian Pool Builders work with swimming pool owners to make certain the pool is properly closed.

The time taken now to close and winterize your swimming pool will mean that the time your pool contractor spends next spring will hopefully be shorter and easier. Treating and protecting your pool, its equipment and the water also means you will have a lower likelihood of any staining or corrosion occurring when the water is “standing” as the filter and pumps aren’t active and moving the water during the winter months.

Here’s the steps taken when you have your pool professionally closed:

  • He will gather, or ask you to gather, the supplies needed to close the pool and that includes a winter cover, air pillows, any pieces of equipment and plugs that were removed the prior summer. Make certain you have a place in your pool house or garage where you store all of this equipment, so it is easy to locate.
  • The pool will be thoroughly cleaned. This includes brushing the walls and floor and vacuuming it completely. It is crucial that the water is as clean as he can get it before the pool is closed.
  • The water chemicals will be tested and brought into proper alignment if necessary.
  • A winter shock will be added to the water followed by a winter algaecide to prevent algae from blooming during the winter months.
  • A stain and scale controller will be added to make certain your pool liner doesn’t get stained over the winter months.
  • The pool filter will need to be run for at least a half a day to allow the chemicals to circulate fully. Once this has been accomplished, the filter will be backwashed and cleaned completely.
  • Depending on the weather and temperatures in your area of the country, pool equipment will be removed and stored or covered.
  • The water in the pool will need to be drained at a level two inches below the lowest jet. Skimmer plates and return plugs will be put in place and water will be drained from pipes, plumbing and pumps to prevent freezing and cracking.
  • All equipment that has been removed should be cleaned and dried prior to storing it for the winter months.
  • Air pillows (or gallon jugs filled with water) will be placed in the water before the cover is put in place.
  • The pillows prevent the water from freezing solid and damaging the pool walls.
  • The cover will be put in place and secured. It is up to the pool owner to make certain to siphon off standing water during the winter months to the cover doesn’t rip or sag into the pool.

If you’re a first-time pool owner, this may seem like a lot of work, but these important steps now will help protect the investment you’ve made in your swimming pool.

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