Top 10

Hawaiian Pools Top 10 List For Winter Closing

During the summer months there are so many things to enjoy about your swimming pool, things you will miss once you put on the winter pool cover.

Your list may be different but here’s our Top 10:

  1. The sounds of children laughing & playing in the pool
  2. The sounds of the waterfall as you relax poolside
  3. Exercising in the pool under the fresh outdoors
  4. Weekend parties in your outdoor living space
  5. Swim suits and lounging poolside
  6. Cook outs and pool parties
  7. Floating on a raft in the middle of the swimming pool
  8. Playing Marco Polo or water basketball
  9. The utter relaxation of night time swimming
  10. Having a built-in weekend getaway right in your own backyard

What are some of the things you will miss?

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