Backyard Pool Party

Host The Best Swimming Pool Party In Your Ohio Backyard

You’ve watched the progress your Ohio swimming pool builders have made in the construction and installation of your swimming pool and now it’s ready for you to jump in and start enjoying it with friends and family. Your first thought might be to have an “unveiling” party for your swimming pool and that’s a great way to go.

There are many ideas for what you can do to offer fun and excitement for friends and family around your swimming pool and the swimming pool builders at Hawaiian Pools offer these tips to make your party a memorable one:

Choose a date, time and how long the party will last. You can either send unique invitations in the mail to your guests or go digital and send an email invitation. The more lead time you give your guests, the better your turn out will be. If you opt for mailing invitations, choose an invitation that sets the tone for your party – a pool party beach theme, a sandal, a sand bucket, etc. Make certain you set a rain date in advance in case Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.

Decide on a theme for your pool party. You could certainly go with an “everyone into the pool” theme but you might want to go bigger. You can choose from a Hawaiian beach party theme or a movie night or a beachside barbecue party theme. Choose food and decorations to reflect the theme. Don’t forget to ask your guests to bring a dish to pass that reflects the theme and see what their take on it is.

What’s your ideal party size? It depends on how large your swimming pool and back yard are and how many people you can accommodate. Include an RSVP so you can better plan for seating areas, food and drink. Ask your guests to bring their own towels but provide a drying line so they can be hung up to dry out between dips in the pool.

What kind of food to serve? It depends on whether you’re planning to cook and serve food to coordinate with your themed pool party, or whether you’re going to order in pizzas or sandwich trays or cook up burgers and hot dogs, you want to make certain you have enough food and side dishes to feed all of your guests. Make sure you budget for enough food, plates, utensils and drinks to keep everyone satisfied throughout the day.

It’s always about the fun. Having a swimming pool guarantees the party will be fun but you can amp it up by offering games both inside the pool and those that can be played poolside. Grab some inflatables, a net for a water volleyball game or a hoop for some in-pool basketball games. Pick up a croquet or badminton set and consider filling a wading pool for the younger children who may not want to go into the swimming pool. Set up a CD player or some other way to have music playing in the background throughout the day. You can play popular music or, again, choose music that heightens the theme of your party.

No matter what you have planned in and around your swimming pool, as your premier Ohio swimming pool builder, we want to remind you that safety needs to always be front of mind. Make certain alcoholic beverages are kept to a minimum and you might even want to pick up a few lifejackets for the smallest swimmers that will be in attendance. Always make sure an adult is responsible for the swimmers in the pool – from adult to young children to assure the party is nothing but fun all day.

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