Vacation Pool Maintenance

How-To’s For Vacation Pool Maintenance

A common concern we hear is about vacation pool maintenance. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we want you to come home from your time away with your inground swimming pool sanitized and operational.

Whenever possible have a friend, family member or neighbor ‘pool-sit’. Having someone ‘pool-sit’ would more than likely be giving them permission to use your pool while you are gone. In which case, make sure that you have taken the time to write down all instructions. Also, go over the instructions with your sitter to make sure they don’t have any questions and are clear on what you expect.

If that isn’t possible, here are some ‘vacation pool maintenance’ tips.

The Basics:
1. Ensure the water level is at or slightly above adequate levels.
2. Shock it. Shocking your pool is simply adding higher levels of chlorine and other chemical agents that can raise chlorine in a short amount of time.
3. Make sure that the skimmer baskets, filter and pump are clean and free from any debris before you leave. If your pool has a backwash option, prior to leaving would be the time to do that.
4. Keep the filter system on while you are away. If your system has an automatic timer, it’s easy to keep the filter running for several hours a day. If you do not, it’s not uncommon to run the filter 24/7.
5. To prevent algae growth, continuous sanitation is essential. Prior to leaving, check your chlorinator to make sure it is functioning properly, and has plenty of chlorine in it.
6. When you return, be sure to test your water to see if your chlorine levels are where they should be to safely swim again.

Pool Safety:
1. Take off your solar blanket while you are away.
2. If you have a safety cover, install it before you leave.
3. Make sure your pool alarm is working properly, or if you don’t have one, it would be smart to get one installed.
4. Make sure your fences are in good repair and your gates are securely locked.

Following these simple steps for vacation pool maintenance will help you have peace of mind while you are traveling. If you have any questions, or would like to speak to one of our associates about having Hawaiian Pool Builders tend to your pool maintenance, please give the showroom a call.


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