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Is It Time For Renovating Your Pool?

In Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, we don’t typically consider winter a ‘pool season’ as your pool generally sits idle for several months. We want to help you see every season is pool season. If you have been thinking about renovating your pool, late winter and early spring is a great time to plan. It’s better to start thinking about renovations and repairs now rather than wait until the swimming season starts. Since we still have several weeks of colder weather, but snow is off (and on) the ground, this is the time to schedule a visit.

Renovation or restoration does not always equal expensive. There are some ways that you can add some new life to your pool without major expenses.

Add a colored pool finish.   Adding a different color creates a dynamic look to the traditional pool scene. Using something as simple as a green pool finish instead of the traditional blue, will make the pool and patio area more appealing.

Add outdoor seating. If you are using ordinary patio chairs and loungers, your pool will look ordinary. Spending a little bit on nicer seating will give your pool side a more inviting, luxurious look. Adding some new cushions or pillows can even give an extra flair.

Line your pool edge with plants. Lining the edge of the pool with exotic and colorful plants will brighten the entire exterior of the house, highlighting the pool area with natural, organic color and a lovely scent. This is also a more inexpensive way of delineating the pool from the rest of the backyard. Be sure to carefully consider the plants you choose. Some plants have root systems that can interfere with the pools plumbing while others can litter your pool with debris.

Of course, you may be thinking of things that are even bigger, like a swim up bar for your pool parties, or a bubbler of some sort for all the ‘kids’ in your life.

At Hawaiian Pools, we want you to go into this summer season without any worries of what you may need done. Now is a great time to give us a call to ensure everything is in proper working condition. We look forward to talking soon.

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