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Make The Most Of A Swim Workout

The idea of jogging or other outdoor exercise may not appeal to everyone when the sun is high in the summer sky. Swimming pool owners often find that a workout routine in the family swimming pool is a fantastic way to stay fit and trim year-round. Swimming is also a form of exercise in which the entire family can participate. It’s also a form of exercise that even individuals suffering joint and muscle pain can partake in, allowing them to make the most of a swim workout.

There is an increase in families looking to have swimming pools built in their backyard as a way to relax and stay in shape. We can work with you to realize the swimming pool design of your dreams. When looking for a swimming pool you need to decide whether you want it solely for exercise or if it will be an “all purpose” swimming pool.

Individuals who have small or limited yard space and want a swimming pool for exercise only may opt for a lap pool. Individuals who want their swimming pool for exercise and entertaining will likely want a larger design that allows for swimming laps. Another alternative is to install an additional pump and jets that provide resistance (a current) to swim against.

Once you’ve decided on the swimming pool type for your particular needs, you can look at your time spent in the water as a workout routine. There are several types of swimming workouts and they can target various areas of the body, including: butterfly and breaststroke, freestyle swimming, side stroke and back crawl. When you first start any kind of exercise routine you will want to check with your doctor to make certain you are healthy enough, if you get the clearance, start slowly and work your way up to more laps. Aim for five to ten laps the first time in the swimming pool and build up from there. Make sure you do some stretches before you start swimming your laps to get your body limbered up.

Exercising in the pool doesn’t simply mean swimming laps every day. Other forms of exercise include running in the water and simply frolicking with your family as a great cardiovascular workout.

We know that swimming is such an overall healthy activity that helps to boost the body’s metabolism, builds muscles and burn those stubborn calories. Experts claim that you can burn between five hundred to seven hundred calories with an hour of swimming. No wonder so many people are taking to the water like never before.

The health benefits of water can’t be denied; from the need of drinking water to keep our bodies hydrated to the benefits of stress- and strain-free exercise, to the relaxation of our bodies and muscles, swimming or soaking in a hot tub are beneficial for both mind and body. Considering that water births are a common way to bring babies into the world in a calmer, more relaxed atmosphere, water and its calming effects can’t be denied. Because of these benefits, it’s no wonder that so many individuals work with swimming pool builders in Ohio to create a spa or pool oasis in their own backyards.

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