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Make Your Pool Patio Shine

The lovely, lazy days of summer are right around the corner, and we’ve been busy helping customers open their pools for the season. In addition to that, we are also working with them to put together a plan for the outdoor living space.

While your swimming pool is the focal point of any landscaping design project, at Hawaiian Pools, we understand there are times when you just want to relax poolside. To do that, you need to have an outdoor living space that suits your unique lifestyle. What goes into an ideal pool patio area?

Here’s a few items to consider:

  • The seating area itself. Will you want to have tables and chairs or lounges or sofas and chairs (with weather resistant cushions, of course)? Once you determine how you will use the space you can decide on the furniture and you may find you want a combination of seating area as well as dining space.
  • A swimming pool is just as much fun once the sun goes down as it is during the heat of the day. With swimming pool lighting you can spend as much time in the out of doors as you wish because you can have lighting to suit your mood. From LED lights surrounding your outdoor living area to recessed lighting installed in your swimming pool (for safety and to set the mood), lighting needs to be part of the discussion and overall thought process for your patio project. Think about adding candles to also fit the mood and these can serve dual purpose – lighting and bug repellant.
  • Plants and trees can be used for both shade and as privacy screens. When you’re thinking about planting around your patio area decide whether you want portable plants or if you’re looking to make a long-term commitment and have them planted in the ground. Ask your pool contractor for advice on plants that won’t draw birds or bugs and that won’t have roots that will damage your pool.
  • When you’re entertaining friends and family will you want to cook your food indoors and bring it outside or will you want the ease of having an outdoor kitchen and cooking area? You can go as simple as installing a high-quality grill to having your pool contractor construct a complete outdoor kitchen. With your outdoor kitchen you can have all of the amenities of your indoor kitchen, but with the ease of not having to leave the party to prepare a meal.
  • A pool house, gazebo or even an awning each lend a certain ambiance to the swimming pool and patio area. The style you choose will be determined by your budget and by the way in which you want to enjoy your outdoor space. An awning can be used when you need it and retracted when you don’t while the pool house or gazebo are permanent structures.

If you’re happy with your swimming pool, but would like to make a few changes in your outdoor living space, a patio upgrade might be just what your family is looking for this summer.

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