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Money-Saving Swimming Pool Pump Tips

The swimming pool professionals from Hawaiian Pools understand that while you love your swimming pool, you’d also love to find ways to save money on its operation, right? One way that a swimming pool owner can save money is by having the proper swimming pool pump installed.

The pool pump is the heart of the swimming pool’s operational center because it provides the circulation the pool needs to keep the water filtered and sanitized. As any pool owner knows, though, energy costs continue to increase and we can provide suggestions on how to keep your pool operating cost down.

Here are three tips for money-saving on your pool operation:

  1. As your pool contractor we understand the “turnover rate” for your swimming pool, but to break it down, “it is the amount of time that is required to circulate the entire volume of the water in your swimming pool one time.” The pool pump needs to run long enough to ensure the water is completely turned over. In many cases, swimming pool pumps run longer than necessary and that means they consume more energy than necessary and that leads to increased electric bills. Make certain that you have the correct size pump for the job and that the water is being turned over properly.
  2. A multi-speed, or variable speed pump, is more energy efficient than a single speed pump. The reason for this is that with a single speed pump, there is no option for the pump to operate at a higher or lower level when the demand calls for it. A variable speed pump operates at the level needed for the task. For example, vacuuming the pool means you will need the pump to operate at a higher level, while merely circulating the water means the pump can operate at a lower level and consume less energy.
  3. Schedule your pump to run at specific hours. Generally, it’s a good idea to run your pump when the pool is not in use and this is often early in the morning or during the nighttime hours. Install a remote-control device that will turn your pump on and off when the task is complete.

Talk with us to uncover more ways you can save money on your swimming pool upkeep, maintenance and cleaning costs.

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