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While it may not seem like it, winter is the ideal time of year to begin planning for your summer swimming pool construction project. You may wonder why, especially if the snow is flying, but getting your ducks in a row means you can spend unhurried time with the swimming pool contractors from Hawaiian Pool Builders to develop the plan for the ideal pool for you and your family.

Because most people’s thoughts turn to swimming pool construction once spring is in full force, swimming pool builders get busier, time frames are crunched, and you may also run up against a dreaded “wet spring” and that can cause delays in excavation and construction of your family swimming pool.

When your family is setting up its budget for the coming year, this is the ideal time to put together your swimming pool construction budget, along with an on-going maintenance budget. Remember too, if you’re having any life events this year, a wedding or graduations, etc. you will want to let your pool contractor know so the pool project can be planned and complete before the event occurs.

What are some of the steps that go into a swimming pool project?

Here is a breakdown:

Set up a meeting with the design team. You will want to spend time with the pool contractor, share your dream of the finished project with him, discuss your budget and learn about the pool construction process. Because a swimming pool construction project is a major undertaking and investment you need to spend adequate time getting answers to your questions and addressing any and all concerns.

Securing permits for construction is part of the process and this is something that doesn’t typically happen overnight. Your pool contractor from Hawaiian Pool Builders will help you navigate the maze of paperwork involved in this process. You may also need to have a survey of your property, talk with utility companies to determine where, or if, there are any underground lines.

Decide the “feel” for your swimming pool. Yes, you may have talked with your contractor and have decided that you want a lap pool or a kidney shaped pool or even a free-form gunite pool, but the “feel” doesn’t stop there. The pool is the focal point, but you will want to determine what you want the entire outdoor living space that surrounds the pool to look like as it will be a complementary piece of the puzzle. Put together a scrap book of your dream pool. Cut out pictures from magazines or download pictures from the Internet so that you have a visual representation of how you want your pool to look. This process helps to assure that both you and your pool contractor are on the same page in helping you to realize your vision. You can also look through the swimming pool images on our site to help you create your dream pool.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork, the pool contractor will begin preparing the ground – aka your backyard – for the project. The two of you will have decided which parts of your existing landscape you want to keep as part of the project and which will be removed – trees, shrubs, other inground plants, etc.

Today is the day to pick up the phone and call to schedule an appointment to begin your pool project.

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