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Pool Construction Materials Explained

You and the family have been talking about it for months and have decided this is the year you will be taking the plunge into swimming pool ownership! Having a swimming pool in your backyard is like having access to your very own exotic vacation spot all summer long.

What are the first steps? You may want to talk to friends and family to uncover the type of pool they own and the material from which it is built. The decisions you will need to make like size, location, style, and accessories are almost enough to make one’s head swim, but, here at Hawaiian Pool Builders, we can help you narrow down some of these decisions.

Understanding the options will help you make an informed decision and what you hope to get out of your pool project, your budget, and the style you’re hoping to incorporate into your backyard landscape.

Here is a breakdown of the three pool building materials most pool contractors use:


Fiberglass pools are a one-piece shell that are delivered to your home and placed in the excavated site. Electric work and plumbing need to be run at the same time the shell is placed. Fiberglass is a long wearing pool material and also comes in myriad colors and designs.


Gunite (concrete) is the most versatile of all swimming pool building materials. It is the most expensive but due to its versatility in design it is one of the most popular choices.

Vinyl Liners:

Vinyl swimming pools are actually vinyl liners that fit into the shell of a pre-dug site in your yard. The vinyl liner can actually fit over a steel, or fiberglass shell. The liner is supported by braces installed by your swimming pool contractor. As with other types of pools, a hole is dug, and the shell is placed then lined with the vinyl. Vinyl liner pools come in many colors and designs.

Walking into our showroom armed with a bit of knowledge and knowing what you want your swimming pool will look like will help you narrow your options and get you the pool of your dreams.

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