The dog days of summer are behind us and it’s a fact that soon, the leaves in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan will start to deliver an amazing array of colors! For most of us, change is difficult and though we may love the fall season, it signals that cold, dark winter ahead.

Before we get ahead of ourselves and pull out our winter coats, there are still a lot of fun activities in store so we thought we’d share a few ideas with you:

While this is just a short list of some of the activities in and around Toledo, there are many more so take advantage of everything that late summer and fall has to offer.

There are also some home and swimming pool maintenance tips (including closing your pool) you should consider getting done before the snow starts to fall:

September – Clean your oven; don’t leave this task until the holidays roll around and you’re baking up a storm! Change water filters in your faucets. Call your pool contractor and talk with him about when he thinks you should close the swimming pool for the season.

October – If the pool hasn’t been closed yet, now is probably the time. Ask your pool contractor to give it a thorough inspection so you can plan for any necessary repairs before next pool season. Downspouts and gutters should also be cleaned again to remove fallen leaves and keep them running clear for winter.

November – Have an inspection completed on your roof. Get the yard ready for the winter months. Pack away any summer equipment. Check for leaks around the basement walls and foundation of the home.

December – Pay a visit to your backyard pool at least once a month to clear away any fallen debris from the cover and to make certain the cover is still secure. Have the washing machine and dryer inspected and cleaned and have any plumbing inspected and repaired if necessary.

Use this checklist as a way to keep up with ongoing household and swimming pool tasks throughout the year!

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