Winter is in full swing in Toledo, but there is still plenty to do until you can open your swimming pool. Listed are the top ten things available that are fun, different and cultural.

The Toledo Museum of Art is among one of the greatest Museums in the world. There is hours of culture and history within the walls, and typically there are exhibits you don’t want to miss. You can free-roam, or they offer guided tours. TMA has family activities, along with their “TMA Thursday” events specifically designed for 24-45 year old’s in the community. “It’s Friday” is also an ongoing event that offers extended hours until 9 p.m., with live music, family events, wine tasting and more. You can check their calendar for more skating

The Glass Pavilion is an extension of the TMA, and offers a beautiful array of original pieces locally crafted and designed. They also have glass blowing demonstrations that is great for all ages.

The Huntington Center has multiple events, not only The Walleye games which is great for all ages, but, other activities with their concert schedule. Always check their online calendar for specific dates and times.

The Toledo Zoo is always a hit with kids and adults. Bundle up, and enjoy the less quiet days during the winter at the zoo.

Ice Skating is always an option. You can either skate at the Ottawa Park Ice Rink, or Tam-O-Shanter has open skate also. Just be sure to check their schedule for open skates.

Roller Skating is another great option. Ohio Skate has two locations, one in Maumee and one in North Toledo. Swanton also has a rink. This is a fun, indoor activity that is sure to keep the blood flowing.

Sledding is always fun, just bundle up, head to Ottawa Park, or other hilly venues, and enjoy the day with your family and friends.

Throw a theme party that beats the winter blues. Have a luau in the living room, Valentine Date Night, card/game night, St. Patrick’s Day, get creative. People love getting together.

Volunteering is a great way to spend your time, and it’s also so needed after the Holidays. Organizations that are donor-supported are always looking for great people like you!

Planning your summer pool project and activities is a great way to get you in the mood for summer, and thinking about brighter days. Bring your friends over, and let them enjoy the planning. With all that available, winter will be gone before you know it, and your pool will be open.

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