2017 is just barely upon us, and everywhere we see folks setting resolutions. Did you know that there is a difference between a ‘resolution’ and an ‘intention’? Setting intentions are setting goals.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, an intention is something you plan to bring about, achieve, or manifest. It’s not about resolving any issue, as the 2017 title=word resolution alludes to. When setting intentions, you’re manifesting a dream or trying to direct your thoughts in a particular way. Intentions don’t have to be set for the year, but can be set on a daily basis, and are best made first thing in the morning. Setting intentions can also be a way to navigate through difficult times. They’re a way to break down the task of handling difficult situations, encounters, or events that might arise in your life.

Perhaps you have talked about painting your house. When you consider the undertaking that is, setting smaller goals can help you get the job done. For instance, instead of saying, “We will get this all done Memorial Day weekend”, breaking the project down into manageable goals, will get you there. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Take the time to look at everything that needs to be done. Purchase your paint far in advance. Plan your calendar carefully, i.e., Holiday weekends, time off. Talk to others that have undertaken a similar project and get a true perspective on the time involved, and plan accordingly. Leaving it up to chance won’t get your home painted.

Perhaps having your outdoor living space completed by the time you open your pool is important to you. Begin now to decide on colors, furniture, bbq, outdoor kitchen space, etc. Set a goal and write it down. Write down your budget, and when you would like to have everything in place.

While it may seem contrary, don’t focus on the ‘end goal’. Focus on the smaller chunks of reaching that goal or, better put, intentions. Keeping your list short and sweet will get you there in no time. Once you reach the goal, you’ll be able to look back and see how small bites are what got you there.

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