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Graduation Invitations

Swimming Pool Graduation Party

Graduation party season is in full swing, and often times goes for the entire summer. Whether your student is a high school graduate, college, or even grad school, Hawaiian Pool builders has some fantastic ideas to make your ‘grads’ swimming pool party one they won’t forget. We have ideas for invitations, decorations, food, entertainment, and party favors. Continue Reading

Butterfly Festival

May In Southeast Michigan

The last Saturday in May is National Pool Opening Day, a day all pool owners look forward to. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we are here to open your swimming pool and help get your summer underway.

After you have your swimming pool ready to go, why not explore some of the events and spots in Southeast Michigan? Having things to do when the days may be a little cooler is a great way to enjoy the beginning of summer. Continue Reading

Warbler perched on a reed

May In Northwest Ohio

What better way to say “May” in Northwest Ohio then opening your swimming pool? We know that’s the most exciting thing about May.

Once you have your swimming pool opening scheduled, there are plenty of other activities in May that are fun and entertaining also.

Interestingly, the biggest Week in American Birding is May 3-12, 2019. This 10-day event is planned at the peak of spring warbler migration in the Lake Erie Marsh Region of Northwest Ohio.  The “Biggest Week” will be jam-packed with workshops, warblers, free guided walks, warblers, half-day trips, keynote speakers, island birding trips, and more warblers.   The event is located at the Black Swamp Bird Observatory, Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, and Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Oak Harbor, Ohio. Festival Headquarters: Maumee Bay Lodge & Conference Center at 1750 State Park Road in Oregon, Ohio. This is a fantastic family event, and it’s completely free. Continue Reading

Pool Opening

Getting Your Pool Ready For Its Summer Opening

As a pool owner in Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan, you may not be thinking about opening your swimming pool for the 2019 swim season yet, but you can bet that we are. Believe it or not, your friends and neighbors have likely been calling to get on the pool opening schedule for spring already! Why? Because once spring rolls around, and it will come more quickly than you’d imagine, our schedules quickly fill up and it will be harder for you to find a time slot to get your pool ready for that first wonderful day of swimming. Continue Reading

Electrical Safety

May Is Electrical Safety Month

Spring has finally arrived in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. At Hawaiian Pool Builders we understand how ready you are for your in-ground swimming pool to be open, and how ready you are to dive right in. With summer not too far off, it’s a smart idea to make sure all of your electrical sources are safe. Since May is electrical safety month, we want to review the basics of ensuring all your power is in good working condition. Continue Reading

Rain Affects Your Pool

4 Ways Spring Rains Affect Your Pool

No doubt, this has been an odd winter for most of the country. And thankfully, it won’t be too long before Mother Nature ushers out Old Man Winter. Once Spring arrives, we can expect rain. Spring rains can affect your pool, and your pool’s water. Here’s four ways spring rains affect your pool.

Rain is acidic: Because rain is acidic, it lowers the pH of your swimming pool water.  Acidic water can damage your pool’s heat pump and filtration system. Additionally, acidic water irritates the eyes and skin.  Rain also brings contaminants from the atmosphere and leaves and twigs from nearby trees.  This additional debris can incrementally affect your pool water’s pH, clog the filter and cause more problems if not addressed. Continue Reading

Spring Is In The Air

Spring Is In The Air

Winter is finally gone, but it’s not quite time to open up your in-ground swimming pool. We know you are anxiously awaiting that day, and probably have it on your calendar. Though that day may be close, and spring is in the air, it’s not here yet. Now that it’s here, we’ve gathered together some fun ways to spend the remaining few weeks until you can take that plunge. Continue Reading

Exercise Routine

Have Your Exercise Routine in Place Before Summer

When is the best time to begin your exercise program? Now – because tomorrow never comes. Now is the best time to change your exercise habits also to become the healthier version of you.

Often, we put off starting an exercise routine until next Monday, or, another point on the calendar.  However, now is the best time. You can’t lose weight or tone if you don’t set your mind on it so start this winter at a gym (including swimming) or at home. Starting now will help you get in the habit by spring and summer when you can start to exercise in your swimming pool daily. Continue Reading

Waiting For Spring

Eleven Ways To Keep You Content While Waiting For Spring

Each year we anxiously await the news from Punxsutawney Phil. Will spring come early or are will we experience a longer winter?  Waiting for spring to really arrive can seem endless. As it’s been stated, the waiting is the hardest part, and we know you are anxious to get your swimming pool open.

At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we have eleven ways to keep you content while waiting for spring. Continue Reading

Winter Swimming Lessons

Winter Swimming Lessons

Now that the colder temperatures have arrived in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, swimming lessons are probably far from your mind.  However, here at Hawaiian Pool Builders, we have some inside tips and tricks when it comes to winter swimming lessons.

Continue Reading

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