Waterfalls and grottos used to be items only found at luxury resorts and spas. Now, adding a either of these swimming pool features to your pool design can easily be done. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we can even add one to your existing in-ground swimming pool.

Waterfalls, caves and grottos create a sense of mystery in your pool. With a secluded entryway, they are begging to be discovered. You can add colored lights, additional rockwork and more to make your waterfall or grotto uniquely yours. They can be cozy one room spaces offering a simple love seat, or multi-room affairs.Waterfall Or Grotto

Gone are the days of artificial rocks cast from rubber molds. With advancements in technology and creativity, the new component systems look like natural rock because they are cast from real rocks. They hold the same shape, character and texture of real rock, making it virtually impossible to tell the difference between the two. Your waterfall or grotto will look and feel like it was pulled out of the ground.

Grottos and caves are basically ‘super’ waterfall features. They provide all the benefits of a waterfall - the beauty of the cascading water coupled with the calming sound – but also add a large measure of fun for children of all ages. Your children will love to create their own stories in the protective quiet of the grotto. They can be wild pirates on an adventure or play hide and go seek, carefully, of course.

The inside of the grotto isn’t limited to young children. You can incorporate seating for adults also. Depending on the size, you can add a few lounge chairs and tables. That way you can stay outside in the heat of the day, and still enjoy being pool side.

Deciding how to create your waterfall and grotto is completely up to you, though a few thoughts should be considered. What is your landscape like now? You will want your design to flow with your surroundings and your style. Do want it to incorporate a slide for your guests? How cozy is too cozy? In other words, you may not want it too small, or too large for that matter.

Now that you know the ambiance a waterfall and grotto can bring to your swimming pool enjoyment; our swimming pool professionals are here to get you started on that project today.  

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